Letter to the Editor

About the publisher of the Geneva Shore Report:
I have been a fan for over two years since purchasing the First 10 Days book due to a reference I found on Facebook. I have purchased two copies of each of the First 10 Days books in paperback and one copy of each in hardback (I gave away the paperbacks to friends to help build your fan-base). I have also purchased all your other available books sold on your website and have greatly enjoyed them all.  Just this past week I read The Boy while on vacation, it was a wonderfully written, and a well-edited book. I am looking forward to reading The Warrior over the Christmas holidays (I’ll get started on the plane flight from Oregon back to Kentucky to see my daughter and her family).  I became an Arch Patton fan, having read Down in the Valley and The Bering Sea paperbacks, and the (partially written?) “Thunder Marine” segments online (it appears to end in mid-story in the online segments). I enjoy trying to figure out which parts of the books are based on your (real) personal experiences and which are additions of literacy license.  I especially enjoyed and appreciated The Fish Doesn’t Have to Be Real book. Some people may overlook this one in favor of your more dramatic endeavors, but I found the depth of soul in the short stories to be very touching. A wonderful look into life through the eyes of a child, and if some of the stories are based on your life experiences (as they appear to be) they reveal your great compassion for children. I have not yet started reading Island in the Sand, but look forward to starting the book 1 paperback that I own.

But of course, my favorite series by far (and the one that I believe you will be known for by a much larger audience someday) is your “30 Days” series. Your ability to write so vividly and transparently draws in your readers and helps them to understand the terror, heroism, humanity, inhumanity, horror, and nobility of the war experience, like no other movie I have ever seen or book I have ever read. Your dedication to reading and responding to the online posts has drawn a large contingent of your readers into feeling like close friends (or even family) to you. In one of your online post exchanges this past week you said:  James Strauss on December 10, 2019, at 11:12 am I wonder, sometimes, if it is as important to all the ‘brethren’ that they buy the books to keep it all going. I have financed this whole thing and I am running on full empty right now!”  Well, the clear answer is that your work is of great importance to all your brethren. I was so concerned when I heard about your health scare this past month that over a two-week period I spent several hours in prayer for your health, and that you would know you are appreciated and loved by so many. We have interacted several times via posts (I’m “Chris S”).

A while back I suggested that you consider a “go fund me” type of campaign to help with the final printing of the Third 10 Days or possibly an all-encompassing book (although I agree that would be a VERY large book and may not be feasible!). Enclosed you will find a check for $500. This is a gift to you in thanks for pouring out your soul into your 30 Days Has September books and all your other noble writing endeavors that I have so greatly enjoyed. This is a personal gift that you may choose to use to help offset the costs of preparing and printing the Third 10 Days book as an investment of your own (gifted) funds should you wish.

Should you prefer to purchase something special for yourself or a family member for Christmas that would be fine, too. Either investment would bless me greatly to know that I have in some way show my appreciation for the heartfelt effort you have made in pouring out your soul into your books.  I follow the weekly Shore Report religiously, of course, and I am not from the lake area.

 A sincere reading friend, Chris S.

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