Dear citizens of Lake Geneva,

As we approach the new year, I hope this finds you enjoying the holiday season. Our lives have changed in 2020, but commitments to family and our city are unwavering. Our people are as resilient and thoughtful as ever, protecting health, welfare, and helping those in need. Lake Geneva is growing, with more than 75 new residences being constructed and several more on the horizon. New business, even in a challenging economy, is populating the downtown business district and our business park. But, even with this growth, we strive every day to maintain our small town and historic ambiance. It is one of the reasons we live here, and why our visitors come.

Good News for the New Year! The tax rate for the city is the lowest it has been in over ten years, a trend we hope continues well into the next decade. Prudent fiscal policies put into place by your mayor and council this past spring have allowed most of you a reduction in The city portion of your taxes. Now we look forward. Renovations have begun on our iconic Riviera to refresh it, bring it back to its nostalgic glory and once again be a place of community events and the site where memories are made during weddings and other celebrations…

My hope is to invite all of you to a late spring ” Grand Opening” celebration as happened every spring so many years ago. Many of you have a history with the RIVIERA and we invite you to share those memories on a special zoom gathering on Sunday, January 24th.

Please visit the city website for your invitation and zoom link. You can also email; mayor@cityoflakegeneva.com to share those thoughts and photos. We look forward to hearing from you!

Lake Geneva Mayor Charlene Klein


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