Letters to the Editor


So is the GSR incompetent or filled with lies? When watching the council meeting on TV the money to Winkler was not a bonus but payment to the utility for their share of his work for the department of public works portion of his salary. Also isn’t Marks running in the first district? Time to turn in your press club membership as you must not check two sources before running with stories. Seems like a blog not news. Local Joe, Lake Geneva Resident


Ed: There was indeed an error in putting down the correct district Maureen Marks is running in. The article was accurate but the caption on the photo was wrong. Maureen is running in the First District. Nobody knows what the fifty grand Mr. Winkler got was for. Admittedly, the Geneva Shore Report is, at time, incompetent. The ‘lies’ part is denied to the public, spouses, and sworn to on a Bible, usually at Fat Cats late on Saturday nights.


If they’re going to increase the water rates by 55% they could at least take the Fluoride out of the water. Daniel Sutfin, Lake Geneva Resident


Ed: Gray tooth enamel is a sign of too much fluoride in the water, no teeth is the sign of too little.


Censorship, the suppression of words, images, or ideas that are “offensive,” happens whenever some people succeed in imposing their personal political or moral values on others. GSR? Et tu? Local Joe, Lake Geneva Resident

Ed: This letter came in when Mr. Local Joe’s first letter was not published online fast enough. “Et tu” got its act together, however.

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