Letter to the Editor

Do we have freedom by the dollar or slavery to the dollar? The answer is that we have both, and it depends on which side of the coin one is on. How much one has determines what one can do and how much one needs it may determine what one is willing to do for it. Another way to look at it is, that while spending a dollar puts oneself in charge; whereas, while earning a dollar it puts another in charge. A 100-dollar bill in itself has no intrinsic value; however, the real power and value of a 100-dollar bill is in the belief of the value of the goods and services that can be received in exchange for it.

The dollar was once backed by desirable commodities such as gold; then silver; then by the goods and services that the U.S.A. produced. Now it is only backed by the belief in the value of the dollar to obtain goods and services. As the Federal Reserve expands and manipulates the money supply and our government continues to spend more than it takes in, it has become obvious that the U.S. can never pay off its debt so there is nothing but the belief in the dollar backing it, but as long as that belief remains solid, the dollar is sound and our freedoms are secure and the world’s economy can remain stable.

The dollar is a good example of the Power of Myth written by Joseph Campbell, and when the myth fails everything that it supports fails with it. A belief not founded on truth is a myth and it will only be believed while it appears to fit and explain one’s reality; whereas, a belief founded on truth will always fit one’s reality. However, it will only be seen by those who believe it, and it will not be seen by those who do not believe it. The difference is a myth will die but the truth will live and the truth will eventually prevail because the truth is always there.

Though it may take many years before it is seen, understood or believed by others. This applies to the physical world, the world of thoughts and ideas and to the spiritual world. One needs patience for everything, even the beliefs that seem most obvious to oneself are often unseen by others and it may take many years before the truth eventual prevails. Exhibit 1: The earth is not flat, it is round.

Terry O’Neill, Lake Geneva resident and former city alderperson

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