Letters to the Editor

We feel what we see. What we see is determined by how we see it. How we see it is determined by the thoughts, feelings, and emotions that we attach to what we see. Attach your own being to those that you see and you will begin to understand the meaning and love of the second commandment “Love thy Neighbor as thyself” by living it. Then you can begin to know yourself and the love of God who attached His life to us. Terry O’Neill, Lake Geneva Resident and former Lake Geneva Alderperson


At the June 3 Committee of the Whole meeting, there were several people that got up and were concerned about Section 8 housing. According to the Regional News, our Mayor Hartz said that more than 40% of the children in public schools locally come from low-income families. You have to realize because of open enrollment a lot of those children do not live in Lake Geneva. I am in favor of helping low-income children, and I think we do a very good job of it. Lake Geneva already has hundreds of subsidized housing units. Mayor Hartz wants to add 28 more.    

The same Regional News article states that the real estate representative for the complex said the exact number has not been determined. But the issue I am really concerned about is that Mayor Hartz also spoke at the Council of the Whole meeting after the Regional News stated that as a member of the Housing Authority Board he would abstain from any discussions or decisions at the city. Mr. Hartz spoke saying he wanted to “clarify” things others said.- Can he clarify discussing the issue after promising not to? Make no mistake about it as a member of the County Housing Authority Board he is all-in on this issue. The Regional News quoted Hartz saying “It’s a perfect location.”  

It makes you wonder how the folks less than one block away in Wrightwood, Summerhaven and all of Curtis St. feel about it? I almost forgot we had a recalled mayor down there dressed in black telling the council what a wonderful job they are doing. He’s a prime example of what happens when a mayor doesn’t respect citizens’ opinions or the people he or she serves with. Mayors are not supposed to run the city. Councils are supposed to represent the citizens and run the city.

Bill Huntress, Lake Geneva Resident, great barber, and city activist

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