Letters to the Editor

To the Editor Geneva Shore Report: How we perceive reality, becomes our reality. Our perception is the filter through which we interpret everything. It determines how we see and what we notice. It effectively determines what we think, which determines what we say, do and expect of others. That perception creates our attitude and it effectively controls us making us predictable. A good friend, waitress, servant, worker even Google learn our thoughts (ways/wants) so that they can automatically do things for our benefit or to manipulate us. Even if we are a grouch, they absorbed part of us, but in that case it is a defense mechanism to protect themselves from us. Our perception of reality, is based on what we have been taught, on what were have learned and on what we have experienced. All combined our reality is but a narrow slice of the actual reality that is around us. Our perception of reality even if similar to those around us is unique and that perception is partly right and partly wrong and so is the perception of others. If we are willing to accept the possibility that our perception may be wrong, then we can be open to learning from others. We are not perfect and we can’t improve unless we are willing to change. Listening is the best way to do that and oddly enough it is the best way to change others. Power, money and authority can control the world and change the physical aspects of it, but it is listening, understanding and kindness that makes people better people. Thank you for listening. Terry O’Neill, Lake Geneva resident and citizen

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