With more than 500 thousand American families mourning the loss of loved ones to the virus over the past year, the U.S. is on pace to easily surpass the 675 thousand people lost to the flu pandemic of 1918 which lasted two years.   In spite of modern medicine and instant communication, the United States has already suffered more loss than any other country on earth. The per-capita losses are worse than most other industrialized countries.


It seems political posturing, narcissism, and machismo have trumped compassion and reason.  To many Americans, following peers is more important than following science. Wearing masks and social distancing have been shown to significantly decrease the spread of this disease.  If we were to practice both, while vaccinating the majority of the adult population, we could actually end the pandemic by this fall instead of enduring more waves of it. We could heal our nation and our economy at the same time.

Please wear a mask and get vaccinated.  Both are mere inconveniences but could save a family member, your wallet, and a lot of other citizens of this country.

Mark VanLaey Delavan, Wisconsin

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