Letters to the Editor


We finally were able to spend the winter months in our home in Fairhope, Alabama. Fairhope and Lake Geneva are quite familiar in many ways.

Fairhope is a beautiful village lying on the Eastern Shore of Mobile Bay (where “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!” was first shouted) and directly across the Bay from the beautiful southern city of Mobile (as the Lake is situated from Chicago and Milwaukee).

There is where the comparison now comes to an abrupt stop! Fairhope city fathers, many years ago, wanted to have the perfect community; appointed a small committee of citizens to visit many of the nation’s communities that seemed to have done it all right! The group finally chose Carmel, California to echo its thinking, its honesty! Its ability to foresee the future and provide many attractive amenities for citizens and visitors alike (Carmel and Fairhope are now “sister cities”).

Federal Highway 98 bypasses Fairhope and not like state highway 50, that also serves as an unfortunate busy main street for Lake Geneva! Fairhope’s bayfront is enjoyed and protected with miles of beautiful treed parks with some elevated 80 feet above the beaches below. The parks feature wide sandy beaches. Beach pagodas, benches, fire pits, swing sets, barbecue units, restrooms, toy derricks for the children to dig in the sand, and plenty of parking and boat launching.

We have now met four other “former” Lake Geneva families, all of whom compare the beauty of each city, but share the reasons for now living in Fairhope. One couple, just visiting here for the first time, immediately put their house in the Midwest up for sale and purchased a house in Fairhope.

It is indeed a shame that such a small group of “honest challenged” and unprincipled citizens can still diminish and tarnish such a beautiful spot in our great nation.

We could not believe that the two highly qualified women that could have made a big difference were not chosen. The good ole boys win again!

Thomas Kincaid, Town of Linn resident and architect of the world.

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