Letters To The Editor


I am writing this letter to the editor 3 days before the election, and I will submit it one (1) day before the polls open on Tuesday 11/3.

Why am I prefacing with these remarks?  I have no idea what will happen Tuesday, but I do know what needs to happen after this election.

We need to become Americans again, not “red” Americans, and not “blue” Americans. You, & I will need to reach out (when safely) to all those individuals that did not vote our way.  We must not allow our political differences to get in the way of our country, our state, and our community in moving forward.

Most of us are just patriotic Americans that have different values, but these differences keep us honest and full of integrity. I actually want my two (2) Grandchildren to be smart. sharp, critical thinking, and mostly independent. We need to begin to reach out to all others who differ from our views. –

In the last four (4) years we have seen so many attempts to divide us. We have to fight that instinct to become tribal in our opinions. Nothing is more important than the family we love, the friends we respect and the people we meet that deserve our kindness and respect.      

I will personally make one significant change in my life.

Look for every opportunity to reach out to folks who are different, and have different opinions than mine.

I want to be proud to be an American again. Please join me.

Paul Kristoffersen, Fontana, WI

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