Letters to the Editor

Let me say first how outraged I am about the illegal destruction in Kenosha.

Rep Tyler August recently disgorged his personal feelings about Governor Evers handling recent Kenosha events.  

August attacked the governor for speaking out when “maybe” Evers wasn’t completely informed, yet there was August doing the same thing. August relentlessly chastised Evers for having no experience in law enforcement.  Mr. August, please tell us where YOUR expertise in Law enforcement is derived?  Surely not from BigFoot High School or a degree you never received from either UW Madison or UW Eau Claire?  Most outrageous, August continually alleged his accusations weren’t political, yet his entire uninformed rhetoric was purely partisan.  

Partisanship, which August started during the lame-duck session upon Evers election, yet now, August bludgeons INCENDIARY accusations at Evers making partisan decisions. Tyler August, you boasted about calls you made to Governor Evers and Washington DC.  You never spoke Kenosha’s call for mutual aid. Did Kenosha Chief Miskinis call you directly for help?  You spoke to officers on the ground “asking for help”, no more helpful than a reporter in the field.  Did you or those officers have ALL the information, were they authorized to speak for the department? Emergency Management directs someone NOT to show up at an event, without being assigned.

August also bloviated about mismanagement of the UI system and how people were waiting too long for their Unemployment funds.  DWD was under complete Republican control for 8 years. Why was it not ready for this emergency under your watchful eye? You spoke of a constituent in dire straits who hasn’t received an Unemployment check yet, who had to borrow a phone to call you and you were going to have to wait till he could find another phone to call back. Instead of driving to Kenosha, why weren’t you staying in YOUR OWN district, helping this person directly?  Mr. August asserts he can manage a State Emergency; yet can’t even serve his own constituents effectively.  It’s time to elect a new, EDUCATED representative.  Dr. Katherine Gaulke is someone willing to speak with and for ALL of us.

Duane Konkel – Elkhorn, WI.

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