Letters to the Editor:


“Item 15 a (2) of the Lake Geneva City Council Agenda on Monday night: Riviera Lease Renewals; The leases had to redone to correct the unequal and unjustified lease rates. I am concerned about the same type of bias, prejudice, or non-uniform standards being vented in closed session against some of the current lease holders. If the matter is about the non-renewal of some leases, then I ask why when all other lease agreements; such as Gage Marina; licenses renewals such as Liquor, and vendor selling; are all discussed in open session, but not this one Why?” Terry O’Neill, Lake Geneva resident and city activist


“There are plenty of fish in the lake. The population of cisco is healthy, as are the northern pike, walleye, bass etc. even gar. Maybe I could get you up to speed sometime about the excellent lake we have here in our back yards. I fish the lake nearly every day of the year and have since 1985, I fish for and am proficient on, most of the species that are in the lake. I am close with the WDNR and the other entities that are helping to keep Geneva great. Please consider my offer to help familiarize yourself with the lake.” John Trossen, Owner, THE PIER BAIT SHOP


“Rather depressing to hear the Geneva Lake Conservancy may be straying from it’s intended duties all for the big bucks people. Perhaps they’ll let the Geneva Inn fill in the Lake in front of their business? I’m being sarcastic, but still with the economy plummeting, I don’t get it.” Daniel Sutfin, Lake Geneva Resident


“Must be nice helping fund Geneva Java and giving them free advertising?” Nick


“You people are idiots. Your editing is terrible. My grade schooler’s could do a better job. Your stories are mostly made up with few proven facts. The only thing you have going for you at all is that the paper is fun to read which you will probably see as a terrible insult. Too bad.” Carol Langley, Lake Geneva Taxpayer

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