Letters to the Editor

If you see something say something…… Unless you are in Walworth County and it involves the crack cocaine epidemic which appears to be, for all intents and purposes, “protected” by the Walworth County Sheriff, and a token drug task force that serves mainly to threaten and intimidate citizens reporting crack cocaine activity to them. I’m the citizen and I have the documentation to prove my allegations.  Copies of these documents have been provided. But first, some background for context. It will explain why I am motivated to do what I do. Why I use my own money, take my own risks, and recruit my own informants. Why I go without sleep, open my home, and share my food.

I’ve given everything in my life to my mission, simply because I think it’s the right thing to do, and I’m the right one to do it. I’ve never asked for a dime, and I ask nothing in return except success for those I invest so much of my time, effort, and support in.

For the past decade, I have been teaching, assisting, and providing a safe haven for many of the downtrodden and destitute kids wandering our streets without purpose or direction. I try to give them both, and occasionally I am rewarded with success. They learn how to use tools and creativity to generate an honest income they can have pride in. I get them jobs and help them rent their own apartments. They start building a foundation.     Then new friends start “feeding” them crack for free until they become addicted. In less than a month or two everything I struggled for years to accomplish with these kids is gone. That is why I am doing what I do. I take it personally. These kids are mine, and when I fight for me and mine, I am the most ruthless and merciless son of a bitch in the county. I have to be. I fight alone.

Crack cocaine is one of the most destructive and insidious drugs ever created. It ruins millions of futures and families every year… but because crack related deaths are seldom counted as such, it is regarded as less of a priority by law enforcement. Worse, the additional criminal activity generated by the crack epidemic provides law enforcement with millions of dollars in grant money for new vehicles and bigger guns, higher wages for less work, and ivory towers of status and rank. There is also little incentive to bust a crackhead because they don’t have any homes, cars, bank accounts, or property to confiscate. Its money going out with nothing coming in, so eradication of the epidemic takes an even lower priority. It has more value as a “cash cow” for the sheriff’s dept. as a continuing threat to public safety, than as a former one.

Sheriff Picknell appears to hold a similar perspective. However, he takes it one more step over the line of acceptability when he allows his drug task force to threaten and intimidate citizens that provide them with confidential information which could lead to the arrest and conviction of multiple crack dealers supplying a nonstop flow of crack to Walworth County. The so-called drug task force taxpayers are paying for will not take advantage of citizens willing to make controlled buys from known dealers and will not show up when invited to participate in a drug transaction expected to occur at a specific time and place…even with 24 hrs. notice! What kind of task force is that? Sure, they bust a meth lab here and there…after it blows itself up.

Yeah, they make a big deal about heroin…after a body is found. But they let crack dealers peddle their insidious poison unchecked. What’s up with that?

When the sheriff won’t protect our kids or confront the source of their endangerment, then the citizens must. And due to the risks involved, the criminal nature of the business, and lack of law enforcement interest, we must act with a “by any sacrifice necessary” commitment to the fight. I intend to accomplish my mission with or without law enforcement support.  Our do-little sheriff, and his do-nothing drug task force, should come out of their ivory towers and get into the trenches where the real work gets done. 

This letter to the editor was signed by a citizen living in a nearby community, but the name is being withheld to protect her identity and safety.  This letter was not changed or edited in any way.  Editor


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