It’s not a junk, it’s a barge!  The concept is to bring in a self-propelled barge from Maryland, as in the photo you will see in this issue of the Geneva Shore Report.  The idea is to keep the burger, hot dog, and snack shack moving off Lake Geneva’s shores.  Why might that work?  Fees, rules, inspections andburger barge Lake Geneva more are all significantly lower in amounts and frequency.  In addition, the idea of a floating burger palace, accessible only by boat or open swimming, might be different enough to be truly appealing to everyone who enjoys the lake.  The Burger Barge in Peoria worked there, on the river so well that after only three summer seasons the owners had enough capital raised to build a place bearing the same name on the river’s shore.  Will the burger barge idea work in the waters of Lake Geneva?  The results of that experiment are about to be discovered. 


Say it isn’t so, oh great analytically gifted Lake Geneva City Leaders. Go on the Walworth County’s website and you will discover something: (Walworth County Interactive Map).  If you zero in on Flat Iron Park where the Brunk Pavilion is being built, then in small print you will read as follows: “Note: Gap Existing in Legal Descriptions (Flat Iron Park).”   So, is the Bunk Pavilion really on legal ground owned by the City of Lake Geneva?

Perhaps the city attorney should look into this legal gap, unless it is between his ears.  This legal gap in the park’s description, might have gone unnoticed.  However, questioning who owns the city’s Moss Park led to a title search that identified the fact that someone else (not the city) is the legal owner of Moss Park.  There may actually be real concerns about the legality of this new pavilion’s location.

Gap in Flat Iron Park


Not such small junk.  The same council that tabled the anti-First Amendment violation it was considering, decided to have city staff, under Dan Draper’s tutelage, write an ordinance raising the amount of single project money the council can approve up to two million dollars, from its current level of one million.  It’s staggering to consider the hubris of Sarah Hill’s motion!  The voting residents of Lake Geneva denied (by 70%!) the city council the right to spend more than a million dollars on a parking structure.  How does the city council respond?  They respond and act like they’d just received a mandate from the voters to spend more.  Again Aldermen Jeff Wall and Elizabeth Chappell stood against this kind of irresponsible and careless action.  They are only two council members, however.  Dan Draper and his team left the meeting and went to work.

How is it possible that the Lake Geneva City Council can keep coming up with stuff to make the Geneva Shore Report more popular?  They keep doing these weird twisted rulings, flying in the face of what they ought to know their resident public really thinks.

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