Little Gems

Freedom Rally last week at the Wisconsin State Capital.
The original purpose, or at least the way it was originally presented, was a rally to get the economy running, people back to work, businesses open, and to give families a little security.  The forces gathered were supposedly gathered to discuss the merits of staying shut down through the 26th of May or move that date up. The rally went off the tracks right away, and it looked and sounded much more like a Trump Rally than anything else. Two thousand people, or more, showed up to share in the event, with not much concern paid to the six-foot distancing recommended by almost every authority in the country. Groups were there for many different reasons. Church groups held signs to take back lost religious freedom, small business owners rallied to reopen, and many citizens came to protect and practice what they perceived as their constitutional rights. The Facebook group, #Reopen Wisconsin demonstrated that it had a lot of followers and supporters. The group would like to coordinate more rallies in the near future. One of the big concerns shared by many rally attendees was the right to worship. The group decided to do something about it and, starting Sunday, May 3rd at 1:45 p.m., a worship service will take place at the State Capital Grounds. This controversial kind of meeting will be repeated many times as the economic effects of the shutdown really begin to bite deep.

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Speedos Lake Geneva

Speedo’s is open for breakfast and lunch with a limited, yummy, and affordable menu.

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