The Venetian Festival. There are no canals in Lake Geneva so how did this very popular annual event get its name? Well, it’s now in its seventeenth successful year, and it’s put on by the local chapter of the Jaycees. This merry band of young men (they allow women but you can never find any) drink a bit. And there’s nothing illegal or wrong about that. One night, they were grousing around Flat Iron Park checking out the lake when they came across the spillway located near the old Chamber Building (the building isn’t that old but the Lake Area Chamber of Commerce is positively geriatric). They followed the water in their ‘holiday’ state. The water went under center street and voila! The Jaycees thought for all the world that the waterway leading north-east through and out of Lake Geneva resembled a canal in Venice. The Venetian Festival was born.

This affair is a huge version of a small town old fashioned carnival. And it rocks with great music, entertainment, wonderful rip off games along a fairway, and rides that take advantage of anyone’s inebriated state. And the beer is dirt cheap, although of typical Wisconsin’s high quality, and served in generous Wisconsin amounts. This story was rendered from a Jaycee who fell down on his luck at Thumbs Up (that terrifically redone local bar) one night. He’d run out of money. The Geneva Shore Report X-Files investigators were happy to dig into petty cash and finance the remainder of the man’s evening and get the story.
As the Jaycee told his story he began it with the sentence: “Now this is the truth…”

Jaycees Venetian Festival 2016

So, Elizabeth Chappell, about the coolest and classiest of all Lake Geneva Alderpersons, goes out to walk her dog. In her neighborhood. Right across the street from a woman she ran against and defeated in the last election. She walks her dog and the dog does his business in a vacant lot. Ms. Chappell moves on. The woman who lives across the street and has not forgotten the bitter defeat, goes out and tells

No Pooping Here

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Alderperson Chappell to pick up after her dog, which Ms. Chappell had failed to do. Chappell tells the woman to mind her own business and that she does not have to pick up anything. The defeated former candidate for office fumes and lets Chappell ‘have it’ verbally. Chappell takes her dog into her house and promptly calls the Lake Geneva City Police. The police respond instantly, as they do in Lake Geneva. The two officers interview Ms. Chappell and then go across the street to talk to the complainant. Fifteen minutes later Alderperson Chappell quietly comes out her house, proceeds to the vacant lot and cleans up her dog’s mess. The police very efficiently, using street logic and justice, solve the problem of the beautiful, intelligent and well-meaning alderperson who crossed the line and had to be brought back to an existence grounded in “hey, you won but that does not make you queen of the world” reality.

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It’s a public notice, and this outfit does a great job doing what they say they will do.

Grandest Place

Norman Bar Camp Lake Geneva

Norman B. Barr Camp a free summer camp located in Williams Bay for children and adults that are financially or physically disadvantaged and would not otherwise have the opportunity to go to camp. Our favorite place of the week is the Norman B. Barr Camp that started a little over a hundred years ago. A wonderful experience for all these kids and adults.

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