Little Gems

The police chief over in Williams Bay.
There was a terrible accident up in Brown County a week ago. The police Chief (Laura Washer) was riding as a passenger on her husband’s motorcycle when their vehicle was struck (“T” boned) by a fast-moving inattentive driver, behind the wheel of a full-size car. The wonderful Laura Washer, who recently assumed control of the department, is not there anymore. She’s fighting for her life in a local hospital (still in intensive care). Her injuries are so extensive (as were those of her husband) that it remains very questionable whether she will ever return as Chief of the Williams Bay department or even come back into police work at all. Jim Weiss, the village administrator of Williams Bay, was heartbroken by the news, as the chief is revered by everyone in the town. He stated that the new hire brought in to be second in command was working hard to fill the chief’s position until some time has passed and things can be “worked out.” Jim Weiss is a good man and he’ll be right there for the community and Laura, to do what needs to be done.

Lt. Colonel Charles Lazzio.
Colonel Lazzio lives on Highway H before it leaves town, heading west. He used to sit outside his home on a chaise lounge where he and his bride of 70 years would wave at the cars who honked at them. It was a grand sight. Now his wife is gone and the colonel is 96 years old. The Geneva Shore Report wanted to honor him for his service and let him know how much everyone in town appreciates him, and appreciated both he and his wife greeting them. The Colonel was with the 440th Troop Carrier Group in WWII. He flew a C-47 transport unit assigned to the Ninth Air Force in Western Europe. The 440th TCG dropped paratroops of the 101st Airborne near Carentan in France on the 6th of June, 1944, and by transporting gasoline, ammunition, food, and other supplies to the same area on the 7th of June, being awarded a Distinguished Unit Citation for completing these missions during the Normandy landing.

Lt. Colonel Charles Lazzio

Lt. Colonel Charles Lazzio, Lake Geneva

Lt. Colonel Lazzio, served the 440th Army flight division. Having served in WWII with distinction, Colonel Lazzio is retired in Lake Geneva…and loved by everyone who meets and comes to know him.

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