The 2021 paving project on Snake Road. 
This project is set to begin the day after Labor Day.  Chairperson Flower, of the plan commission, brought up some issues about the intersection at Main and Edwards and requested that some reconfiguration of the painted lines directing the flow of traffic on the north side of Edwards Boulevard be made at the intersection of HWY 50 and Edwards. The reason behind this is to keep the through traffic moving. There is an almost unanimous concern amongst city officials and residents with the problems at this intersection, and something will be done, depending on the upcoming study results. Before this happens, Cindy Flower threw out the idea of getting something done to help while the wait goes on for that to happen. The recent redo on that stretch of Edwards Boulevard has the bright new lines painted, which includes lanes that are only turn lanes. The new layout of the road has been used for a while now and the through traffic backs up substantially at times and that’s becoming very problematic. This was all discussed during the public works update and no action can be taken during updates, but the idea is out there, and now official discussions can take place and a plan can be implemented. The committee members seem to be on the same page with the citizenry that this needs to happen sooner rather than later.


Flat Iron Tap’s south side outdoor seating has been granted.
The concrete area on the south side of the building butts up to the alley and parking slots which will not be affected by the change. When the request from Flat Iron Tap was first asked it wanted to extend the concrete area to create a larger more patio-like feel, utilizing some of the parking stall space. This would have cost the city parking spaces and revenue. The request was not received well by city officials and Flat Iron was not happy with how long the decision was taking, so instead of continuing to go without the extra seating and lose potential money it made the decision to use what it already owned and was approved for; the seating area on the concrete patio with some kind of railing constructed for the public’s safety.  The railing and much of the seating have not yet been installed, as of this writing, but is certainly in the works.

Lake Photo of the Week

Geneva Lake

Another beautiful day in Lake Geneva along the lake path. The views are some of the best in the area.

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