Little Gems

Brick and Mortar, Shoo Shoo, Bloomingbyrds and E Street Denim.
These four stores are taking the increased parking rates seriously.  If a customer goes into one of these stores and buys anything at all, that customer gets paid for two hours of parking.  Now, that’s a great idea.  For just a couple of dollars, the retailer makes tons in good will, and the customer probably never forgets.  Small gesture, but a big impact. Maybe all the merchants lining Main and Broad and Center streets should adopt this interesting new habit.

You’ve got to love the parking boondoggle.
If you live around the lake, but not in Lake Geneva proper, then the parking stickers went from $80.00 to $160.00 overnight.
Why?  Because they can.
The parking at the best meters went from one buck to two per hour, overnight.
Why?  Because they can.
The parking meters had gone from fifty cents to one dollar, not long ago.  Fines doubled, even at those illegal, privately owned meters the city’s also collecting for.
Why?  Because they can.
This is taxation with representation.  There will be no throwing of tea off the Riviera Pier, although Geneva Shore Report staff has considered doing just that.  The representation is there, but who are these elected and appointed officials representing?  Contractors charging the taxpayers up the butt?  New fines and fees to rip and tear so far beyond any increases in the cost of living (and pay increases) that it’s laughable?  They’ve figured out how to electronically monitor all the cars in the city, as well, so you can’t move around from one space to another.  Nope. Pay some more.

Lake Geneva has expanded the number of paying metered slots by forty percent in three years.  Where is all this going to end for the small businesses dependent upon good will and high traffic volume to get by?  What about the residents that no longer want to go downtown anymore because they don’t want to deal with the fees?  When is the last time in the City of Lake Geneva that any fees went down?  Any taxes?  Any fines?   At what point will the public have ‘enough’ of this kind of behavior?

The pot holes on Highway 50 (Main Street) right in front of the library.  The higher fees, fines and taxes have not gone into fixing these vexing and damaging potholes.  The potholes got fixed less than a month ago, after our last article railing against the discomfort and the dangers.  What happened?  The street department determined that the road bed itself is basically destroyed, and must be replaced.  The road is a state road that runs through a residential and business community inside the city limits.  By the time everyone finishes figuring out who has to pay for what, and what councils, boards, committees and commissions must be consulted and approvals gained from…well, the public will possibly die from old age while searching for just the right off road four-wheel drive necessary to travel far enough to read a book.  At what point is the public going to have enough of this kind of behavior?

Pothole Mania

Potholes Lake Geneva

The potholes in front of the library on Highway 50 (Main Street) need treatment.
The depressions are now four to six inches down from the surrounding asphalt. The city must step
in or there are going to be injuries and damage to passing cars. The depressions are hard to see.

Person of the Week

Denise Swan Lake Geneva

Denise Swan is excited to have her new DenayCocoBay Luxury Nail Salon open. Denise has leased this space at 259 Broad Street since January, but had to make a lot of pretty big changes to accommodate the needs of her salon and all the new regulations recently passed by the state. She will also offer makeup and gifts. The salon opened last week and is as bright and inviting as Denise’s wonderful personality.

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