Little Gems

Like the rumors about Matthew McConaughey moving to Lake Geneva, the rumors about a Buffalo Wild Wings opening continue. The City of Lake Geneva denies everything, and it’s unknown whether that’s because no paperwork has been filed, or because employees at city hall are simply not talking.

Is Su Wings staying, or moving to Delavan? Or is the famous local (and beloved) Chinese restaurant opening another version of itself in Delavan? The changes in businesses in and around Lake Geneva can be quite puzzling to follow, and logic is not always a part of it. Office Max wasn’t leaving, Aldi’s wasn’t coming and Boatyard Bagel was for certain going to be a distillery. Is Panera Bread coming? Has Buffalo Wild Wings figured out how to get a liquor license? These ‘facts’ remain relatively unknown, but the conversations continue. Is Ida, the hairdresser at 252 Center Street moving on or staying put, especially in light of the ghost activity that’s being documented in that old converted funeral home building?


Fox Tail trend.  Just where and how did this new hipster phenomenon begin, and what does it mean?  Lately, we have seen everyone from actors, artists, athletes and hipsters wearing a fur tail clipped to the back of their belts.  Is this a trend like the Davey Crocket coon skin caps and the fox stoles in the 50’s?  Regardless, the wearing of one by a man at Geneva Java Coffee Shop caught everyone’s attention. The man left without ordering, before anyone could question him about the significance or statement the fluffy fox tail hanging out from the bottom of his coat meant.  What’s been discovered is that this trend is a fashion statement that originated in Japan and has been adopted by the mainstream media as acceptable in the U.S.  These tails, mostly raccoon or fox fur patterns, are available on Amazon for about fifty dollars, if you should feel so inclined.


The Geneva Shore Report Christmas Party is to be held at five-thirty on the 22nd of December at the GSR offices.
That’s at 281 Sheridan Springs Road. This is the second annual GSR Christmas Party. The publisher makes a Manhattan mix that is dynamite so most people who attended last year are coming to see what they forgot. To say that it was an entertaining night that took two days and a hired in crew to clean up about says it all. Come by, especially if you have not been specifically invited.
Be like the GSR. Go where you are not welcome, and befriend people who have no other friends for a damned good reason.


Ghosts plague the 252 Center Street Building in Lake Geneva. Hal Petersen has been on the hunt for ghosts for several years, spending many nights haunting old homes and buildings around Lake Geneva. His seminar last month at the Lake Geneva Museum quickly sold out. Hal has been filming and taping some very “ghost-like” activity after hours at the Geneva Java Coffee Shop. A photo of some of his work is in this issue. It’s pretty convincing and interesting stuff, and certainly not to be discounted offhand. Hal’s equipment is expensive, and state of the art when it comes to such things. Stop by the coffee shop and talk to Hal about it.
You’ll find him serving 100% pure Kona coffee nearly all hours of the day and night.

Daddy Maxwell's Williams bay

Attractive woman hustling out of Daddy Maxwell’s, in a hurry to deliver newspapers or something like them. Downtown Williams Bay in the wonder of Christmas weather

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