Little Gems

Tina Trahan.
This Hollywood mogul, oh not the movie star type (although she is that stunningly beautiful), is coming to Lake Geneva for certain. She confirmed this through personal introduction and admission. Tina visited her new residence at Stone Manor with her children in order to meet with the contracting people who are going to remodel the first floor of the beautiful Stone Manor to make it more habitable (currently the first floor has only one half bathroom and no bedrooms). It is rumored that Engerman Contracting Company, the high end home construction firm located in Town of Linn, is going to be the general contractor, but Tina had to leave before she got a chance to answer that question.

Tina picked Lake Geneva because she was raised in Elmhurst, Illinois, and her family periodically visited Lake Geneva, she also owns a house in Evanston and has one in Malibu, California, that she’s going to run back and forth between. Spending a short time talking with Tina was enlightening because of her genuinely expressive personality and keen intellect. What a great addition to the Lake Geneva shoreline.

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