Little Gems

U.S. Cellular, the little company that could.
This cellular phone company, not the largest by any means, (that’s AT&T) remains the only cell phone company that has all of its rural cell phone towers turned on. If you have “service” with any of the other cell phone companies in the Lake Geneva area then you will continue to receive lousy coverage and interrupted service, like you have received all along. Oh, the rest of them have towers all around the lake…it’s just that they choose to save money by not powering them up. Unbelievable, but so true. U.S. Cellular actually turned on all their rural towers in Wisconsin, and then the nation, following a series of articles run by the Geneva Shore Report a few years ago. Currently, all ten GSR cell phones, eight iPads, six personal hotspots and one base station are converted over to U.S. Cellular, and the difference is striking. There are no dropped calls, or call areas where the reception is bad. Ever. Check it out for yourself. What a difference this small change has made for the company.



Fire hydrants in the snow, and other stuff you might not know.
Most people do not know that individual residences and businesses have an obligation to shovel out their nearby fire hydrants if they want to receive service should there be a fire in their area, or on their property. Hydrants must be shoveled out to an area that extends out three and a half feet from the base of the hydrant, leaving a cleared area around that base. The fire department is not a stickler, though, so the snow does not have to be removed so anyone can see the ground. Just use good sense and judgment and you can expect that the firefighters will do the same if they should have to come and save you or your stuff, or both.

Person of the Week

Gabby Overholtzer Lake Geneva

Gabbie Oberholtzer has gone to work for Speedo at his Harborside Cafe just up from the Riviera Pier complex. Go in and talk to her. She’s been to three times as many countries as her years on the planet and what she’s got to offer is a whole lot more than an excellent plate of breakfast or lunch. What an amazing woman.


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