Little Gems

As downright duplicitous, deceptive and likely crooked this little item seems, you must evaluate all on your own.
The “Internet/Oral/Write In/Anything but real life” conference scheduled by the Public Utility Commission of Wisconsin was cancelled so that even more hazy fog could be laid in with respect to the coming/looming/Preparation H 55% raise in utility rates for residents of Lake Geneva. The commission didn’t like the Geneva Shore Report indicating that the special phone number that could potentially be used to call in and complain was written up as a complaint line.
Not at all.
The number is to call in and exchange information.  Anyone who’s either laid up in intensive care, has moved beyond assisted living into a nursing home or is simply unemployed and living in the streets can call on the eighteenth of February (that’s Thursday) at a time (2:00 p.m. again) when employed people are working.  Quite by accident, that time and day, by the way.
Here’s the number, again.
Go ahead and call in and give the public utility commission some information. Maybe the sort of information Dirty Harry handed out in the movie series.
Make their day.

Here’s the number:

The change up knuckle ball pitch thrown by the Public Utility Commission across Lake Geneva’s home plate:
The commission withdrew the telephone call in date and time.  The local utility commission failed to notify anybody in writing about the special dedicated line set up to take calls about the coming 55% rate increase.  Actually, the commission also complained to the Geneva Shore Report, that published the date, time and number for the call in that the newspaper was in error.  The number and dedicated effort was for the State Utility Commission to get information, not complaints.  And people wonder why some of the issues of the Geneva Shore Report are read with a bit of laughter.  Increase the rates by more than fifty percent at any time and expect not to have complaints filling the air waves?
Who are these people, anyway?


What’s going on at 1003 Williams St? 
The former house at that location, perfectly suitable for renters in the condition it appeared, was razed last Friday February 12th. The plan for this lot is unknown at this time. The lot, along with two other lots (one to the north and one to the east of this one), are owned by the Belardi Family Investments LLC based in Illinois. Approximately a year ago this same family approached the city with a plan to combine all three lots and build apartments. The lots are zoned for single-family units only. Any existing businesses and multi-family buildings around it were there before the zoning was changed, grandfathering them in. If the Belardi family is still planning to build something other than a single family home they will have to jump through hoops for the city zoning commission and exercise plenty of patience.  The building inspector of  Lake Geneva reports that he was informed of the owner’s intentions.


Demolish House in Lake Geneva

The house is demolished. The house located on the big lot just north and across the street from where Kwik Trip sits on Broad Street. The owner of the lot wanted to build an apartment building but was denied a few years back. What is the owner going to want now and what’s the likelihood that high density housing will once again make an attempt to appear in Lake Geneva’s downtown area?


Expansion for Aurora Clinic

Aurora Clinic Expansion Lake Geneva

Aurora Medical Clinics. Expanding to take in many more cardiac care patients. If you need fast help with quality care, this wonderful facility is right near Piggly Wiggly on the north side of Lake Geneva and a lot closer than either Mercy or Lakeland.

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