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Sky Circus on Ice comes to the Geneva Lake Area. Actually, it came to Delavan Lake last weekend. The professional stunt kite flyers were originally supposed to perform on a frozen Delavan Lake. The weather had other plans, however, but luckily the Sky Circus had arranged for the use of the air field, located just off of Highway 50 near the eastern end of Delavan, as a backup site. The contest started, and for two days God allowed the lake’s surface to remain solid. In sixty-six-degree weather on Sunday, the party partied on with crowds out on the ice everywhere. It was like the public had come to think the lake was covered by some thick layer of clears hard plastic. So it all worked, and everyone was safe and had a wonderful time. The lake maintained, as its’ six-inch thick layer of ice was not overly put upon by either the crowds, or the high temperatures. The same is true of the lake surface out in front of Lake Geneva off the Riviera Pier. Without rules and regulations to prevent it (because the communities around the lake cannot get together and decide on these things, and the DNR is powerless to do anything,) the amorphous crowds of milling people will all have to continue to decide for themselves who wants to play ice roulette every weekend until open water finally returns, sooner or later.

Sky Circus


Party like there’s no tomorrow. The City of Lake Geneva has never seen such winter crowds. Lake Geneva was not ready for the onslaught of summer crowds in February. Restaurants were not stocked up, the city traffic lights were not properly calibrated, and the police force was not prepared to handle such large crowds this early in the season. But the merchants have been going crazy. Good crazy! Sales are way up, and the amount of sales may well exceed any previous February, ever. No records are kept and gone through to make that conclusion official, but judging by the amount of foot and car traffic, that conclusion seems pretty sound.


The Dairy Queen Disaster Movie Site. Dairy Queen left Lake Geneva a few months back. And boy, did they leave it. They left the tattered wreck of a building behind, and then let the Dairy Queen sign fall into the parking lot. Post nuclear holocaust comes to mind. How is it that the City of Lake Geneva, so tough on local merchants about signs, sidewalks and you name it, can allow this mess to sit there and not be attended to? Who owns the property? Who is responsible? What about the former owners of the business? Does Lake Geneva have no regulations about just leaving property and walking away? Something has to be done to clean up this mess if no new business is coming to do it. This is not some eyesore squirreled away in a back neighborhood. This is on a main thoroughfare, and the decimated appearance of the site effects how people coming into Lake Geneva view the community.

Dairy Queen

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