Little Gems

Not the previous City Councils, not the two previous two mayors Bill Chesen and Jim Connors, not the previous city administrator, nor previous public works director, not even the previous Chamber of Commerce and the Business Improvement District have addressed the serious issue of public restrooms for visitors and residents walking around our downtown. The issue is not only the number of restrooms that are available, but that they are closed all winter, and during off hours in the summer. The city may plant hundreds of trees for dogs, but locks up the few facilities for the dog’s best friend. There are priorities in life and when nature calls it becomes one. The city invites, actually encourages, visitors to come to Lake Geneva, even offering free parking during the winter as an incentive. But when they get here after an hour or two drive there is no place to “go”.

But that may be changing as Mayor Kupsik, the City Administrator, and the City Council have recognized the importance of the issue, and with the transfer and needed remodeling of the former Chamber of Commerce building in Flat Iron Park, the city appears to be taking the opportunity to address the problem.

Will the Skyline Change on the Lakefront?

Speedo's Lake Geneva


The very visible Wrigley Drive waterfront area is beginning to evolve.  Oakfire is coming down and a new three story structure is being built in its place.  Will this approved change effect the appearance as other buildings in that same row begin to consider redoing their appearance, as well?  Speedo’s, down on the corner, owning possibly the most valuable key plot of land in the city, makes no bones about his willingness to sell, and his building already has pre-approval to go up two more stories.  Lake Geneva is changing and the downtown is changing with it.  Will these changes be positive or will they have a negative effect on shopping, taxes, parking and more?  It is the job of Utah Blaine, the city’s administrator, Alan “Straight Arrow” Kupsik and the city council to attempt to predict and approve of these coming changes, however, only the future will tell everyone what the real result will be.

A Little Gem?

Climate Change

Climate change, you ask? Really? How’s the weather been lately? A little strange? A lot of strange? Get used to it. Winters of your childhood are gone along with your childhood. Here’s a snowman, doing his best to complain about his struggling difficult lot as the world goes to hell around him, even without the current political result.


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