Little Gems

The Riviera Complex renovations and restorations are not a done deal yet. The first floor is the next to need some work, and appropriate well thought out ideas are not as simple as some would think. The historic aspect, as well as the publics’ needs and wants, do not always match. Mayor Klein was an advocate for the Riviera and its rich history even before she became mayor. She continues to take the project seriously and wants restoration experts and the public to come together for the final decisions. Lake Geneva City Council members agreed and an Ad Hoc Committee for Riviera restorations, to include members from the public, historical society, fundraising agency, and renovation experts has been approved. The mayor and council are looking to appoint members as soon as possible.

Cartoon of the Week

Cartoon Terry O'Neill Lake Geneva

An Alternative to the Beach

Samual Donian Wetland Preserve

When the crowds, the wait, and the fees at the Riviera Beach are too much the Samual Donian Wetland Preserve is the place to go.

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