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Will face masks make their general appearance felt in Lake Geneva?
Wisconsin’s Supreme Court made it pretty difficult for any small government official to act independently of its decision to open the state up.  Basically the supreme court decision took the power of local governments away, with respect to reacting to the virus. In spite of the supreme court decision, some counties and other places in Wisconsin have mandated limited face mask-wearing indoors all the time under most circumstances. Outagamie County, Dane, and Marathon Counties have all put in place mandates, but they deal with employees and related personnel, not the general public. State employees must wear masks.  Only Shorewood, as a community, has mandated the wearing of masks outdoors all the time, for everyone over the age of 4.  Lake Geneva will begin to consider mandatory masks at the F.L.R. meeting on July 21st.


What is an “ad hoc” committee or meeting?
Ad hoc, the words in Latin mean “something necessary or needed,” although that is Roman idiomatic usage. The words themselves translate as “to this.” Apparently, Lake Geneva’s Mayor, Charlene Klein, feels the city needs some help so ad hoc committees are being formed. First, the Riviera Restoration ad hoc committee was put together to collaborate and present well thought out plans for the Riviera and much-needed repairs. The Riviera ad hoc has met twice already, and no set plans have been created or acted upon. A lot of recapping on what has already been done, what the DPW (department of public works) feels needs to be done, what the previous administration wanted to be done, what MSI Engineering needs to be done before it can do any more work, and, of course, there’s the money issues that have taken up the first two meetings. The committee has come up with a recommendation to increase the rental rate for the upstairs ballroom at the Riviera. The most recent ad hoc committee established is the communications committee. Apparently, there’s a need to help city officials communicate more efficiently and effectively with one another. Interesting committees. Interesting mayor.

Ad Hoc Committee

Lake Geneva Riviera Renovation

The Riviera Restoration ad hoc Committee is recommending rental rates increase.


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