Little Gems


Friends of the friendless. On July 29, 2016, a judge will hear from Fellow Mortals and American Transmission Co. He will decide the fate of the Fellow Mortals Sanctuary.  Nearly 83,000 concerned citizens have signed a online petition and over a thousand more have signed paper petitions. The position of the sanctuary remains firm:  The sanctuary is not asking American Transmission Power Company (ATC) for anything it has not always had: the mature trees and dense undergrowth necessary for the welfare of wildlife in rehabilitation and wildlife that lives free in the sanctuary of the trees.  The sanctuary is even willing to pay for trimming in perpetuity to keep what it has preserved.  It would be good for the community, and most wonderful for a lot of hurt animals, if ATC decided to recognize Fellow Mortals Wildlife Hospital and Sanctuary as the special place it is, and decided to end this fight before the court date of July 29, 2016.

What is going to happen if this goes to court on the 29th is anybody’s guess, but the Geneva Shore Report stands firmly behind what the sanctuary has been and is trying to do for everyone who lives around the lake. If you find an injured animal, or even a baby bird fallen from a nest, then the sanctuary remains the only place to take it for everyone’s benefit (including the animal). Clear cutting the sanctuary land to put in power lines would be a sad result of industry gone crazy in crazy times. It is hoped that the judge in this case will do the right thing. If he does not then the GSR is going to pitch in and go to battle for the sanctuary in a much more active way.


Donald Trump’s wife.
Whatever one might think of presidential politics today, the wife of a prospective president of the country speaking about her life and that of her husband is fascinating. Mrs. Trump spoke at the republican convention the night before last. Sadly, the some of the substance of her speech was lifted directly from a speech given by Michelle Obama years ago. The plagiarism was rampant and apparent. In years gone by, prior to the advent of the overwhelming pervasiveness of the Internet, this plagiarism on the part of Mrs. Trump’s speechwriters (no important person writes their own speech anymore) would have been a huge violation. Not so much anymore. The speechwriter will be fired. Mrs. Trump will not be reminded that she said, on the day before she delivered the speech, that she wrote it. The plagiarism will fade into nothing. The Geneva Shore Report regularly experiences the results of this new ‘freedom of information’ allowed by the Internet. Entire paragraphs are commonly lifted from the pages of the GSR (particularly editorial commentary) and used by major newspapers across the country, including the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and L. A. Times. Krystol, Dowd and Blow have all used GSR stuff. Nobody on the GSR complains. The paper is too small, and the fact that there simply is no ownership of content anymore is accepted. Forget copyrights and law suits. If you put your writing on the Internet it’s not going to be yours anymore. Accept that. Life


A Little Gem

Belfry Music Theater

The Belfry Theatre originally a Mormon church was built in 1888. This historic icon near the intersection 50 & 67 is back and ready to entertain the community. The Belfry Music Theatre will be presenting engaging performances for the whole family. Check out the website ( for the full Summer to Remember line up.

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