The Last Symphony to be played in Lake Geneva along Edwards Boulevard soon. The Pollard Development Company has somehow become linked with the word symphony, to make it sound more pleasing. Having a development of over four hundred units move into Lake Geneva, deliberately being built “Sun City West by Del Webb” style will cause no beautiful vibrations to emanate from that area of town. The units are being designed with seniors in mind, not that here is anything wrong with a senior focused development. However, adding an extra twenty percent (20%), to the population of Lake Geneva, of new citizens with no children to be educated or taken care of, will change the dynamics of how the city is operated.
That issue alone is worth considering.


No one can deny that Mercy Hospital, over at the intersection of Highway 67 and Highway 50, to the north of Williams Bay, is a good place to go if you are having medical difficulties. They are not perfect, as they proved in sending a bill to one local woman that had, as a big part of the bill, a $17,800.00 bill for an MRI. It turns out that that charge was the first ‘negotiated’ charge sent out to the insurance companies involved, and the patient should never have seen it.

Since Medical Technologies in Milwaukee charges $850.00 for the same MRI to anyone walking in off the street, the seventeen grand seemed a bit high. And one can understand why she complained. Mercy’s director of operations is not without heart or mind, however. The seventeen thousand dollar charge ‘went away.’ As it should have. If you have hospital charges you feel to be outrageous then bring them into the Geneva Shore Report offices, and X-File investigators will be sent out, as they were in this case.

Today, in almost the entirety of the medical community, very high medical charges are much more likely to be an indicator of miscommunication, or management, rather than being a function of greed or avarice.

Send us a letter and we will help investigate solutions.


The Geneva Java Coffee Shop is open and taking over the world. Well, maybe only the two hundred block of Center Street on the west side. Starbucks is over there on the East side, and they are no small organization to have across the Javapeno Dog Geneva Javastreet. Starbucks is Starbucks, as almost everyone knows and has experienced. The Geneva Java is something else again. Want a quick shot of coffee on the go, then maybe Starbucks, or better yet Peets, might be the way to go.

Want that slow, laid back, coffee shop experience while waiting for a cold brewed Kona? Then then maybe you want to do the Java, and have a grilled chicken sandwich, or Javapeno dog, while you wait.


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