Little Gems

Have you looked at the Riviera’s green-tinted roof?
That green tint is caused by the moss or mold growing on the cement tiles. The roof needs a good power washing to clean the moss off the roof and make the roof look like new again. Perhaps the cleaning of the moss off the tiles could be done with the city’s Fire Department’s bucket truck and Fire Department personnel as part of a training exercise on the use of their equipment. It’s just a thought, and it would be a good public relations exercise, or even a public attraction if publicized.


Supermercado America, Lake Geneva, at 627 Williams Street is expanding.
The operation is very excited about expanding into the empty space the bicycle shop used to occupy next door to it. The Supermercado crew is also super, and they have wasted no time sprucing up the exterior with a much-needed paint job, and they are redoing the interior with an expanded grocery inventory, and a much nicer, much larger seating area. They have a great menu with large portions at affordable prices. Supermercado is a regular dinner (or lunch option) for many, and that is evident when you stop in or drive by because the place is always busy.



Update on Highway 120 project.
On Monday traffic was shifted from the southbound lanes to the newly constructed northbound lanes. The southbound lanes will be closed until early fall for further reconstruction work. Once the southbound lanes are done, attention will be placed on the completion of the roundabouts at ramp terminals entering and exiting Highway 12. Access to all businesses and residences along this stretch of 120 will be maintained. 120 still has a full closure for bridge replacement work from Madaus Road to Como Creek.


What in the world is going on with food prices at Sentry in Walworth?
Prime rib is up to $13.00 a pound and it’s not even labeled “U.S. Choice,” much less prime! How about a celery root at $5.99 a pound? Head cheese for $8.99 a pound, but well what the hell, they slice it for free. Jumbo shrimp at $24.99 a pound, up from $22.99 a week ago. This store, that used to have the filling station out front with the cheapest gasoline prices around the lake. Is no more. They do have (no charge) full service on Sunday, though, and that’s nice. Everyone and everything about the Sentry in Walworth is nice, but who in Wisconsin is going to go there if the prices become so far out of line

Place of the Week

Elmer's Rentals Lake Geneva

Want a fun boating experience on Geneva Lake? Elmer’s Boat Rental,195 Wrigley Dr. is it. A magnificent and professional staff, boats are well maintained, and reasonably priced. And Sperry, as in (sea-worthy footwear) the chocolate lab, is awesome.

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