Someone dropped their Lake Geneva Public Library notification:

It states:
***Due to budget cuts and the rising cost of postage costs, you will receive only one overdue notice!***
What rise in Postage costs?
It’s the same these past five years Jim Connors has been mayor. If we can spend $250,000 on a tennis court, $ 750,000 on a golf disc frisbee course, I am sure we could have spent fifty cents on a second notice for late book notice.
It doesn’t get more stupid than this!
Oh, yes it does!!

Cartoon: Thanks to OCLC Next Space Newsletter Dec 2006

Not so Small Junk

Why did the Goose Cross the Road

That last little goose, more than a mere chick, crosses last and late with the mother goose letting him have it at high decibels. She pecked him when he finally crossed. Everyone in the waiting cars was laughing, most from families and having suffered similar fates.

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