Little Gems

The late great state parks?
What happened at BigFoot State Park that is pretty terrible? Nothing. Yet.

However, it did happen at the latest DNR meeting, a group that is now controlled by these new republicans who’ve taken over the state of Wisconsin. What are they doing? The first thing they did at this latest meeting was to make certain that state parks in Wisconsin can now be named after companies that donate to pay the expenses of opening and running the parks. Look for State Farm State Park or Allstate State Park, as uncomfortable and downright bizarre as that might seem.

That was a first step. The major financial step was to cut out state funding for the parks and put them on a ‘pay as you go’ basis. That means that entry, camping and parking fees (plus what they might sell their name for) must carry the park financially. This has not worked in any state park it has been tried in since state parks began under Teddy Roosevelt. It won’t work now, and the republican’s controlling the DNR know that. Now, couple the defunding move with the private naming of parks and you can quickly see where this is going. Private ownership of state parks is about to happen, if they can get away with it. Just like private ownership of water supplies or other utilities. These kinds of actions, if studied in history, take a reader all the way back to the Dark Ages of Europe, where everything was privately owned, including governments themselves.

What happened? The Dark Ages, of course. Hundreds of years of misery for most of the population, and sumptuous splendor for a few.
These new Dark Ages are being brought about right in front of a seemingly willing public.

The pig!
Here’s a secret the staff of the Geneva Shore Report is kind of afraid to let out. It might seem like its not important and maybe it’s not until you’ve tried it. The secret is the fried chicken served fresh all day long at the Piggly Wiggly on the north side of Lake Geneva. It’s like extra crispy chicken at KFC, but not. It’s better! It’s maybe the best fried chicken you’ve ever had and it’s sold by the pound! Three great drum sticks or a large breast for three bucks! Go try that one at KFC! How about a whole chicken for six bucks? You will be quite surprised when you buy it. Don’t get the stuff they put out in the pan, as the legs are usually gone. And it’s not as fresh. Go to the back window and pick out the pieces you want. The staff back there, well, they are a bit testy, but they are good, efficient and caring, in their way. And man, do they make great fried chicken back there.

Piggly Wiggly Market


That crummy stretch of road.
You know the one. South Lake Shore Drive heading south out of town. The dust remains horrid and those dumb gated lights, letting cars go through at metered times and spaces, don’t work. Not that the heavy equipment operators obey them anyway! The wooden extended ‘traffic preventers’ come down without sensory equipment so they hit your vehicle if you happen to be stopped in the wrong place or proceeding along behind a high-backed truck. Does this Willkomm outfit care? Not one whit. All of this road construction garbage because the City of Lake Geneva lacks the good sense to fund proper police protection and traffic direction while those clowns are supposed to be putting in a new sewer pipe system. One wonders what the refinished road is going to be like when Willkomm is done.

WillKomm Construction Auto Barrier

Here is a non-robotic stop and go light with deadly sweep arm. There is no attendant and no sensors on the device. It works by mere timing in coordination with another one controlling traffic on the other side. WillKomm, the construction firm in the background is about as caring and bright as the devices they are using.


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