The ‘natural’ state of the Hillmoor property can be summed up with three short words: “it’s a pit.”
The lawsuit against Lake Geneva, conceived in idiocy and executed in stupidity should be dismissed by any judge of rationality, but this is Walworth County, where big money talks and big money talks big.  The attorneys on both sides of this case, typical of legal cases of such magnitude, are making fortunes, charging five hundred to a thousand dollars an hour to discuss nothing of substance.

Hillmoor’s owners want high-density development zoning so they can enjoy the doubling of the property’s value because currently the land is zoned for recreational or agricultural use alone.  The cold-as-the-driven-snow downtown commercial real estate folks in Chicago could give not one squat about the community of Lake Geneva, not by their apparent actions so far, anyway.  They want high-density zoning, but they refuse to lay out their plan, their dream for the property.  That failure has caused them to be rejected by the Lake Geneva community time after time.  The once beautiful golf course that was Hillmoor is now an overgrown mess of not-so-nice-looking foliage, bushes, and unkempt trees.  The fault for this can be laid directly at the feet of the White-Water group that owns the property.  That Lake Geneva City will not step up and force a sale to the city itself is also a shame.  The lack of courage of ‘committee’ action on the part of domestic political groups is a legend, however.


The Walworth County Fairgrounds could see its busiest season ever.
The first antique flea market of the season drew huge crowds, with parking hard to come by, and with some attendees parking more than a mile away. If the flea market is any indication as to what is to come for the fairgrounds this year, it could be a record-breaking season. Many of the most popular fair events are coming back this year, after being canceled last year due to the pandemic, while some new events will be making their debut.

Coming back is the Walworth County Farm Bureau Dairy Breakfast, Pork Chop Cookout, Rib fest, and, of course, the Walworth County Fair. With the virus slowing down and vaccinations readily available people are engaging in social situations again and things are starting to return to the way they once were. People seem to be comfortable enjoying outdoor activities as they once did, especially considering that wearing masks is no longer considered needed for those vaccinated nor required really of anyone, vaccinated or not. Many are excited to see the crowds again and the positive impact it will have on the community and hope that it will help bring business to the downtown Elkhorn area.

This is also the first year the Walworth County Fair will allow beer and wine sales, so everyone is expecting a higher attendance than in previous years. The fair’s promoters are hoping, with the higher attendance and alcohol sales, that revenue will be up in order to help make up for the loss of revenue during the pandemic. Will this be a summer to remember? Expect to have a busy summer and to see some big crowds at all coming summer events, and even those put on into the fall and early winter of 2022.

Person of the Week

Dave from KD Salty Jen's

Dave, the talented artist of KD Salty Jen’s. Dave collected sea glass from the shores of the Great Lakes to make his art. You can see the results at the Farmers Market in Lake Geneva.

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