Little Gems

The road to perdition.
The Main Street reconstruction project. The City of Lake Geneva did not want to spend the money. Not taxpayer money. They chose to spend some money, though, and that will be coming in (or rather not coming in) from all the businesses on Main and ancillary downtown streets that remain all but closed while the reconstruction of Highway 50 through town goes on. The city chose not to pad the contract by having workers go at it on weekends. On weekends this highway reconstruction project sits dead as a doornail, like some of the businesses are going to be when the road is finished in June. There was no thought of working twenty-four hours a day, as is many times done in larger cities and states. This project is being combined with the replacements of water mains up and down two additional blocks of Main Street, and the three utility monopolies (WE Energies, Alliant and AT&T) tearing the hell out of the two adjacent alleys. Taxpayers will not have to foot as much of a larger bill as they might have. The taxpayers must, however, consider what is to be done when there are more “missing teeth” of businesses departed once the construction is done. There will be a cost for that, although not directly calculable or attributable to anyone.


WE Energies, working hard to be the worst monopoly in Southern Wisconsin.
You can’t stop WE Energies from coming on your property if they have an easement, and you can’t do anything to make sure they clean up their mess or don’t cut down your trees, or anything like that. And they don’t have to be nice while they are doing whatever it is they want to do. However, if you pay your bill one day late then you go into collection and they damage your credit. There is no appeal, and the attitude of the people they hire to provide any kind of customer service is beyond awful. Try to reason with their customer service, after waiting hours on the phone, and you will be told you are rude and you can start the process all over again until you are on your knees begging and drooling to get anybody to even talk to you. How did this happen? It happened because this is what capitalism without controls looks and acts like, time after time after time. You can take a break from WE by calling Alliant, and then AT&T. Have a nice day!



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