Little Gems

The ice on Geneva Lake is gone for 2021, or at least for most of the year, and barring a great deep freeze around Christmas, will stay gone.
There were no fatalities on Geneva Lake this year, and that is great news.  Nobody fell through the ice, who was not recovered immediately by friends or local rapid response forces.  It is a great year when the fire, police, and harbor departments around the lake only get to practice with their hovercraft, SCUBA, and other equipment, instead of having to use it to attempt to save lives.  It was a great winter season for safety purposes and results.


Exciting new things are coming to the Lake Geneva Police Department.
The department has been invited to put together a display for the Geneva Lake Museum, showcasing the history of the Lake Geneva police department. Right now, artifacts are being collected, including old uniforms, artifacts, and pictures. The Lake Geneva Police Department is reaching out, via social media, in hopes that citizens might have artifacts they might like to donate for the display. Lake Geneva also has three police officers who are participating in a new training program, focusing on supporting peer officers. The three ‘amigos’ will be trained to recognize if anyone on the staff is struggling personally or professionally, and once making a positive determination, directing them through the proper channels to get the kind of help they might need. The program is starting at the county level, and a County Peer Support Team will allow members to better identify issues and understand how to handle situations when members might observe early on in the process.

As part of the training, members will be trained specifically to identify and intervene with issues such as anger, alcohol, drug problems, depression, marital and relationship concerns, post-traumatic stress symptoms, and suicidal ideation. Now, more than ever, officers are expected to perform at their very best, and this new program should help them achieve the high levels of performance necessary to work in today’s difficult mixed cultural environment. The Walworth County Executive Law Enforcement Association (WCELEA) is providing $3,000 to get the program started. When law enforcement officers are performing at their best it helps them to better serve each other, and also their communities.

Person of the Week

Alejandra, Barista at Avant Coffee Shop Lake Geneva

Alejandra Serna is the wonderful barista at Avant Coffee & Bike Shop. Alejandra is a warm ray of sunshine and makes a great cup of jo.


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