Little Gems

The Geneva Theater.
Shad Branen, the man who came in and lived up to every bit of his word in building and opening the revamped Geneva Theater, is applying to install a ticket sales window at 244 Broad Street. That would be the current site of the beautiful complex he built. The window was approved by the plan commission on Monday night and that approval recommendation will be forwarded to the city council for its approval in two weeks. That was a good unanimous decision on the part of the commission, however, Doug Skates was not there (probably hiding out because of the vote on the phony bike path through BigFoot Beach he has championed).


The proposed bike and footpath to be put through the BigFoot Beach Park area:
There was no discussion before the plan commission, as this supposed bike and footpath was brought up for a vote and then recommended for passage by the full city council. Doug Skates, the master planner, is attempting to slip this path in so it may serve as the roadbed for moving South Lake Shore Drive from its current location inland to the east of where the current lagoon now sits.   Town of Linn would have to go along with this road move, and Jim Weiss (who represents that community) is nobody’s fool, so there is hope. There will also be some new city council members coming aboard in Lake Geneva following the April elections, not to mention a new mayor. There is every chance that Mr. Skates, and the developers who want the Maytag Lagoon to become a private yacht harbor, will fail and the public will get to keep the best little stretch of lake road in the state of Wisconsin.

Person of the Week

Staci Finton at Petco Lake Geneva

Staci Finton is as trendy and cool as the nail tips she applied to Gwen the Geneva Shore Report office cat. Gwen thinks Staci is pretty awesome and the best nail tech a cat could ask for. Be sure to ask for Staci at Petco. Your pet will be as pleased as Gwen, and so will you.



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