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Memorial Day Monday, May 25th is coming soon.
The big weekend and welcoming of the summer season are almost upon the Lake Geneva area. The weather is getting warm, the sun is showing up, restaurants and retail shops are opening, and Lake Geneva looks a little different, as it slowly wakes up from the statewide stay-at-home order. All of the businesses open are doing a great job to accommodate an eager public while providing a safe and sanitary environment. Physical distancing is a part of every establishment’s operating procedures along with extra cleaning and sanitizing. However, not everyone sees it that way, and mild protestors surface here and there in person and on the Internet to complain that opening up of such a personal “touching” service, as nail salon work certainly is, remains inherently unsafe in light of how much damage the virus has already caused.


BigFoot Beach access and erosion issues are being discussed, and the potential for repairs is good.
The Public Works Committee met last week and Alderperson Fesenmaier took to the podium and got the ball rolling on much-needed maintenance for BigFoot Beach. The beach is on the southeast shore of Geneva Lake and runs along the edge of South Lakeshore Drive. This small beach is very busy during the summer months, creating safety issues as people walk across the road from the state park. The beach used to be bigger, but over the years, erosion has considerably diminished its size. South Lakeshore Drive also has some areas of substantial erosion that need work. The upkeep of roads and the beach is not solely the city’s responsibility. This size of the project isn’t something the city can handle on its own. Also, the Town of Linn starts near the south end of this location, and the road and beach are parts of BigFoot State Park. Lake Geneva’s Director of Public Works, Tom Earle, knows all about the details with respect to this convoluted and complex project and topic. He’ll be making the necessary calls and updating when he presents at the committee of public works meeting in July.  Cindy Flower made a snarky comment about how the road shouldn’t be there anymore but everyone wisely ignored her.


What’s going on over across the street from Speedo’s Harborside Café?
There’s a big building across Broad Street, called the Lake Geneva Towers, and it is glaringly ugly, but not totally out of place because a few other big ugly buildings were put up about the same time a few years back to keep it company. Sal Dimiceli is the head of the association that runs the building. He’s been so for twenty-five years, or so. He owns, apparently, only the real estate office downstairs (Lake Geneva Area Realty) on the first floor. Recently, since Mr. Dimiceli in his position allows that he has almost complete control of the proxy voting (he gets the votes of the Illinois owners, allegedly without question) there has been some real dissension coming out of that complex, quietly, but nearly as ugly as the building itself. What’s going on in the residences and halls of that place? Only rumors have leaked out and the Geneva Shore Report does not want to report those. So, is something brewing? Mr. Dimiceli, along with his real estate business, runs a charitable non-profit quite successfully in and around the community, and he’s heavily favored by the city’s Lake Geneva Regional Newsletter. And the GSR would not want to rock that state of affairs…or would it? Maybe instead of just listening to the whispers, the mystery could be unraveled by the GSR Sherlock Holmes division of its X-Files department?

Person Of The Week

Seth Elder Lake Geneva Parking Manager

Seth Elder, the parking manger, and his assistant Carrie are always around to assist with any parking questions or concerns. They make a great team.



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