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What a mess!
The mess of construction on the Highway 120 interchange and US 12 has been a big nuisance for some time. Road work crews, in spite of the danger and hard work of maintaining the roads, have been pretty good this year about keeping the detours and ramps open during most of the construction.  Starting May 29th, the ramps to US 12 will be closed for thirty-five days to build the two roundabout terminals that are coming to Lake Geneva. These will be Lake Geneva’s first roundabouts.  During that time, traffic in both directions of the Highway 120 interchange will remain open via the Highway 120 southbound lanes, while the northbound lanes are constructed, and access to Highway 12 will be directed to the Highway 50 interchange.  Eastbound Highway 12 traffic will be detoured to 120 and County H by having vehicles Exit at the 50 interchange and using Edwards Boulevard and Sheridan Springs Road.  Westbound Highway 12 traffic will be detoured to 120 by way of Interstate 43 and Highway 11.  Westbound Highway 12 traffic will be detoured to County H  by using the exit to the Highway 50 interchange, using Edwards Boulevard and Sheridan Springs Road.  Ramps are scheduled to re-open before the fourth of July.

Construction Highway 120


Welcome to the Lake Geneva Beach.
This last weekend was beautiful. It was a perfect summer weekend at the lake. The Riviera Beach was jammed full of people from all walks of life who were out for some fun in the sun. The Riviera Beach officially opened this last weekend. What this really means is lifeguards are on duty and, once again, and the public must pay to use the beach. Right before the entrance of the beach are a few kiosks where people pay for tickets to enter. The kiosks look very similar to the parking kiosks but are just a little different. The Riviera Beach is a very popular beach. The prices are a little high at $8.00 for thirteen and older, $4.00 for seven to twelve years old. Children under seven are free. A family day at the beach used to be a cheap (if not free) day but not anymore, at least not at any of the Geneva Lake public beaches outside of BigFoot. Fontana is priced at ten bucks for adults, and $6.00 for kids, while Williams Bay charges the same as Lake Geneva. Local residents who can prove residence get a deal with a maximum of six passes for $3.00 each. Those used to be free because Lake Geneva residents pay so much in taxes, but then luggage on airlines used to be free too. If you have not picked up your passes stop in at city hall with your driver’s license and a current utility bill.


Re-opening with a new name.
After a long winter’s nap, Carvetti’s is open, but only for a short time under the name of Carvetti’s. If things go as planned, Carvetti’s will be opening and running under the new name of Northsider’s. Michele, the general manager, has been working hard on the changes Carvetti’s is in the process of making. The restaurant is still open, so the public does not need to be put off from going there. The Carvetti’s sign will be taken down and replaced with a Northsider’s sign very soon (if things go as planned). Questions do arise; is there a reason the name needs to be changed? The owner hasn’t changed. Did Carvetti’s get a bad rap? Is there more going on at that quiet place than anyone knows? Does it really matter? The new name Northsider’s comes with some other changes. Everything will be redone and modernized, from the service, the indoor and outdoor décor, to the menu itself.

Person Of The Week

Ally Clements

Ally Clements is the wonderful young lady who runs the River Valley Ranch & Kitchen mushroom stand. She can be found almost every Thursday at the Lake Geneva Farmers Market. Come meet her and pick up some locally grown mushrooms.

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