Little Gems

Detour. When in the course of roadwork events it becomes necessary for police to direct traffic and not roadway working personnel: Have you noticed the amount of road construction going on around Geneva Lake right now?
There’s tons of it. This kind of thing has to be done from time to time in order to rebuild water mains and the roads themselves. But, have you also noted the near insanity of the construction people directing traffic? They stand around with facemasks on, against the dust and cold, looking like zombies, and then kind of motion here and there and everywhere. It’s rather astounding that no accidents have been recorded yet due to that kind of untrained shoddy traffic control. Police officers are trained for that job. Why can’t these construction companies, through the bidding process, hire police officers or contract with the department for this kind of work? What kind of liability is the city in for when the first head on accident occurs because of lousy untrained traffic control?
It’s just a matter of time.


Video Visit of Construction


Town of Linn

Go to the mattresses. The battle is not over with respect to the new boat sales display about to be approved in Town of Linn for the parking lot at Corleone’s defunct restaurant. What kind of boats are going to be on display in front of the that restaurant, and what ambient effects will the community be forced to endure? What about the three handicapped places right in front of the restaurant? Will they be retained, moved or simply disappear? How many boats are going to be jammed into that space and how big will the boats be? Despite all these questions remaining unanswered, this project is being given the go ahead. The Lazzaroni family, the current owners of the property, have the right to make money from the commercial use of the property, does it not? The community also rights, and it takes a lot of fighting to keep them, to maintain the wonderful view and experience everyone has when driving past that grand part of Geneva Lake. The Geneva Shore Report will continue to remain on top of this issue and watch for coming developments. Jim Weiss and the Town of Linn Board are together, a class act. It is hoped that they will do what has to be done to protect that part of the lake edge.

Speaking of Construction

Oakfire Construction Lake Geneva

Oakfire Lakefront Restaurant is making changes in preparation for an expansion. The only way this can be down is to build up and that’s exactly what they would like to do. A second story for more space is hopefully in their future.

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