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Thanksgiving Day is almost here.
Families contemplate what is appropriate and acceptable due to the rise in corona cases. The Governor of Wisconsin has sent out press releases strongly urging everyone to avoid going out unless it’s absolutely necessary and only in pursuit of essentials. This includes the upcoming holidays; strongly asking families to avoid large gatherings this Thanksgiving. This is a hard request to follow for people who crave the unity and closeness the holidays usually bring. Wisconsin is not the only state in the nation experiencing increasingly high numbers of Covid-19 cases.

Walworth County has, for the most part, kept its virus numbers on the lower side compared to other comparable areas until recently. On October 15th Walworth County had 140 active cases, 7 in the hospital, and 36 deaths. On November 15th Walworth county had 648 active cases, 12 hospitalized, and 44 deaths. This is a significant difference and a little scary. The second wave of the virus (as predicted) is here. This holiday season of giving is needed as many families are struggling. Any and all help is very appreciated. Head over to a local food pantry, drop off some non-perishable food items, look in your closet for some warm clothing such as coats, hats, scarfs, and gloves, then drop them off at a local coat drive. Monetary donations can also be given at any of these locations, as the need is huge this year.

Make this holiday season more about giving than ever, and can all experience some very welcome love, warmth, and a feeling of unity, even as we gather in much smaller groups.

The Walworth County Community Thanksgiving Dinner at The Village Super Club is happening
It’s free to any and all in the community. There will be no in-person gathering, due to Covid-19, but “to go” dinners will be available between 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at The Village Supper Club, located at 1725 South Shore Drive, Delavan. All the food, time, and work to prepare the complimentary Thanksgiving meals have been donated by kind, generous, and wonderful people. For more information and potential donations call Chris at 262-745-4043. If delivery is needed then that can be arranged. Just call ahead of time at 262-749-4621.


What about the Municipal Pier?
If you haven’t driven by that location recently, the city boat launch is now very difficult to traverse. The ramp is heaped full of leaves from last week’s high winds. It seems there has been no clean-up of the boat launch, at least as of Monday morning. Why is that important? It’s vitally important to those boaters who still have boats in the water and need to get them out before the winter really sets in. Therefore, be prepared before you arrive at the pier to ensure the Lake Geneva Street Department has cleared the ramps of the piles of leaves. Keep in mind that the boat launch and landing pier will be removed soon, as in years before, and usually without notice, signaling the end of the boating season.

Person of the Week

Kristi Tarantino

The wonderful Kristi Tarantino event coordinator at the Lake Geneva BID (Business Improvement Distict). She is excited about all the festive upcoming holiday events and so are we!


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