Litttle Gems

The holiday season has begun.
It’s Thanksgiving week and Christmas can be seen almost everywhere you go. Lake Geneva has most of its decorations up and lit, and the businesses have all joined in with some fabulous window displays. The city tree still needs to be selected, decorated, and put on display at the Brunk Pavilion in Flat Iron Park. That event will take place on December 1st. The lights will glow, the community will gather, story time around the tree will happen, hot cocoa and cookies will be enjoyed by all, and of course Santa will surprise the kids with a grand entrance on a Lake Geneva fire truck.

On Saturday, December 2nd the annual Electric Christmas parade will be a must for all to see in downtown Lake Geneva. The Grand Geneva kicked off its six-week long “Christmas in the Country” last Sunday evening, and what a kickoff it was! It was the biggest crowd they have had in the twenty-three years of their “Christmas in the Country” presentation. The countdown for the switching on of the two million lights up and down the Highway 50 access road was followed by Christmas music and a fireworks show. The inside lobby, every hallway, and around every corner they have many Christmas decorations. For the next six weeks Grand Geneva Resort will be more like Grand Christmas Resort. Its great the Grand Geneva is a part of our community and that we can take a quick drive to get a holiday boost. Christmas in the Country can and should be felt all over Lake Geneva.

The Grand is an outstanding example of the direction that the City of Lake Geneva should follow, and they should do it quickly.  Becoming the Wisconsin City of Christmas would be worth almost any expense the city might have to absorb.  According to a confidential source in the accounting of the Grand, they will take in over three million dollars between Thanksgiving and Christmas alone!

Twelve Days of Christmas
Grand Geneva

Lake Geneva Clue Room.
This ‘game’ of a business allows you, and whomever you choose to be locked in a room with for sixty minutes, to play detective.  The Lake Geneva Clue Room is pure fun.  If you are looking for a unique way of entertaining family or friends or start a new tradition this holiday season you may want to make your reservations now.  You have the choice of three different themed rooms where you have one hour (the hour simply flies by) to solve clues and puzzles in order to escape the room. It will make you think, and also give you a sense of accomplishment while solving clues and puzzles unlocking doors and compartments leading to the next clue.  Just when you think you’re about to escape, and some do, time runs out leaving you wanting more, more time on the clock for an experience you will remember for a lifetime.

For information or questions call 262-325-2375.

This wonderful place is located behind Kilwins in the Landmark Building at the corner of Main and Broad Streets.

Chuck Was Spotted

Chuck the Turkey Lake Geneva

This time last year we featured Chuck (as seen on his yellow tag) in all his feathered glory. Recently, Chuck was seen heading into the woods and as of this issue, he has not resurfaced. We can hope that he will not be front and center on someone’s Thanksgiving table.


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