Little Gems

What’s the problem with the larger spaces on Main Street in downtown Lake Geneva that have been vacant forever?
These spaces, improved and sitting there in great shape, are owned by big real estate trusts and operations of that nature. Why are they vacant when it would appear that the real estate companies owning them have to be losing tons of money every month? Because the current system for business property owners does not work that way.

These big companies have big accounting and legal staffs. They’ve been able to figure out ways to work the state and federal tax rules to allow them larger tax credits (read; more money), than the rents they might collect would be (read; less money). These big dead spaces where Caribou Coffee/Peet’s and The Bagel Company used to be, are not losing money at all. Except they hurt the town, its image, the tourism and the potential of Lake Geneva itself.

It is high time that the City of Lake Geneva enacted ordinances to make sure that these real estate moguls can no longer cause this kind of harm. Innovative rules, fees and taxes could be created to make sure that the financial tab for keeping these business spaces permanently open would handsomely repay the city.

Hillmoor Really being Developed?


Hillmoor Development Lake Geneva

Hillmoor. They are putting in new gas lines. Sure. A broken utility truck they were fixing on the property. Right. They always do that! A wonderful spiffy public relations woman was right there to talk to reporters. Right. They always do that! And what about the Dunkin’ Donuts going in across the street?


Kwik Trip Progress

Kwik Trip Lake Geneva

The construction is under full court press next to the Kwik Trip in downtown Lake Geneva.
The Associated Bank people are sparing no expense to get the foundations in before the winter fully sets in.

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