Little Gems

Absolutely Home on Center Street next to Geneva Java is leaving.
The wonderful couple who owns the business is going to do something else. They are closing on November 30th. They will be having plenty of pre-closing sales of some awfully great stuff, so stop in to say good-bye, and get a great deal.

The Thrift-In’ is coming. This little place will be located downstairs from the Geneva Java at 252 Center Street. This place is going to offer all kinds of really neat, gently used: home furnishings, collectibles and truly unique merchandise for the discerning customer. It is good to see new businesses coming in as the older ones phase out. Sally Nimmow is the owner of the Thrift-In’, and she plans to open the shop the day after Absolutely Home departs. December 1, 2016. Drift in and check it out.


Unicorn offices.
One of the intriguing ‘destination’ stores, The Sign of the Unicorn, formerly located on Center Street across from the Geneva Java Coffee ShopNew location for Melges Lake Geneva, went out of business a few months ago. They took a while to sell what inventory they had left, and then retired. The building has been for sale ever since. No longer. If you’ve heard of Melges Car Wash, out on the 120 Bypass, then you’ve heard of the new owner. Melges bought the building, but is not planning to build a car wash downtown. Instead, he’s planning to open offices for both his car wash and real estate ventures. Melges is an enterprising young man, and the things he’s done as a principled and aggressive businessman in and around Lake Geneva have been impressive. That his dad is the world famous yachting champion (The America’s Cup) is not to be slighted either. Old man Melges is a class act and, apparently, the fruit did not fall far from the tree.


Ida’s Salon moving.
Yes, Ida is moving on at the end of December. Her loyal following will want to know where her new shop is going to be. Her current lease is right next door to the Geneva Java Coffee Shop located at 252 Center Street. Ida has also been doing some nail work and facials so be sure to check with her as December bears down upon us all. Look your best for Christmas. Ida’s number is 815-307-2009, and she’s open when she’s open, unless you have an appointment.


Smoking and smoldering around.
What’s going on outside Fat Cats, Thumbs Up and Champs every night, but particularly on Saturday nights? If you are hanging around those booze parlors late at night, then all you notice is the concrete in front of those places covered in butts. Strewn with ‘dead soldier’ cigarettes that had to be smoked outside because Wisconsin law does not permit cigarette smoking in bars anymore? When they’re out there smoking, the places can be spotted from far down the street by the smoke cloud hanging there like invitations to some Cheech and Chong den of iniquity.
What can be done about this situation, if anything.
Is it okay for all those people shortening their lives to do so on public sidewalks?
Should there be some ordinance that helps save these people from themselves?
Like maybe the motorcycle helmet law that doesn’t exist in Wisconsin? There is a point where freedoms outweigh good safety sense.
Is this one of those areas?
Should guns be allowed in bars?
Interesting questions.

The Grandest Person is a Real Gem

Brandon Judah- Brandon Valadez

He’s back doing what he loves; Brandon Valadez AKA Brandon Judah (his stage name), a graduate of Faith Christian, is directing the musical “Little Women” at Faith Christian High School. Brandon is a talented young man with the commitment and motivation to give a performance that will knock your socks off on November 18th, 19th, at 7pm and November 20th at 3 in the afternoon each day.

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