Octoberfest 2021.
Half-a-fest was better than none.  Saturday was a wonder of weather and participating crowds.  The only ‘flea in the ointment’ was the fencing the BID chose to put around Flat Iron Park in order to properly isolate the giant beer tent…the affair’s biggest attraction.  There was music, and more big band stuff, but sprinkled in with more culturally appropriate stuff for such an event.

The brats by Lake Geneva Meats were huge and only five dollars.  The magic show for the kids, right outside the fence by the edge of the lake on the closed portion of Wrigley Drive was a grand success.  The second day, well, God pointed his weather finger down and the day was consumed by wind and sweeping veils of light rain.  Not enough bad weather to deter those who are more jaded in going through life, but plenty bad enough to drive the general public back to wherever it came in from…if they’d even started for the event that morning at all.

The summer of 2021 was just about perfect for all other special events that were held, not to mention great for parking and beach revenue, as well.


Ann Esarco, owner and manager of Avant Coffee and Bike Shop in downtown Lake Geneva, is expanding her operations.
The newest location will be in La Grange, just a bit northwest of Elkhorn in the beautiful Kettle Moraine area. The building purchased is the old LaGrange store and remodeling has already begun. The store was visited regularly by the bikers and hikers who frequent the Kettle Moraine trails.

Ann Esarco is all about the beauty of nature and the conduciveness to biking, or just relaxing with a cup of coffee. The store will be a coffee and bike shop just like the one in Lake Geneva, offering bike repairs, sales, and rentals, along with the wonderful coffee and specialty drinks Avant carries. The hope is also to have a few healthy, quick but good, food options to satisfy the outdoor enthusiasts who might work up an appetite. Ann is a great lady who does so much more than run a coffee shop. She is an advocate for Lake Geneva and the people who call it home. Ann has served on different committees and boards in the city and has also run for alderperson. Ann also volunteers during tax season helping with the frustrating process of filing taxes for anyone who needs it. Ann is out there supporting the community and the GSR would like to show support for her and her new endeavors.

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Baby William Hallween Surprise

Baby William! Our Halloween surprise. Here to make you smile and remember the simple pleasures in life.

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