Foxconn, the continuing; ‘fox in the henhouse’ coupled with the word ‘con,’ and what do we still have?
Oh, did we accidentally leave off the second ‘n’ at the end of their name?  Not likely.  Foxconn went to Ohio the other day to con that state.  They did so well in Pennsylvania (their first ‘strike’ in the USA) and then Wisconsin so, why not on to Ohio?  That leaves the ‘Con’ company 47 more state populations to screw over…with supporters in those states of their very own ‘conservative’ legislators.

Foxconn conned Pennsylvania out of millions and left the community, those who’d moved there for the promised jobs and all the leaders of the communities affected, high and dry.  Then they came to Wisconsin.  This group of wizened Asians made ever bigger promises and then did the same thing that they did in Pennsylvania.  Scott Walker and Ron Johnson will have Foxconn egg on their faces for the rest of their careers, not that they don’t avoid scathing criticism by simply being distant from the state at all times.  Racine and Kenosha countrysides are torn up with many abandoned and half dug up properties so that the places look like they might have been included in the carpet-bombing America did during the Iraqi war.  No jobs to speak of.  No big buildings were ever erected. Streets and highways to nowhere.

It is no satisfaction at all to write that the Geneva Shore Report, almost alone in Wisconsin media, wrote of what was coming before it ever came.  Scott Walker, the biggest supporter, and salesman for the giant scam moved to Wisconsin, probably taking his well-deserved shovel with him. There is plenty of Foxconn kind of manure to be shoveled in the capital.


Pumpkin Drop at Lake Geneva Zip Line and Adventures, Saturday, and Sunday on the 23rdand 24th of October.
The Lake Geneva Zipline and Adventures is participating in the fall and Halloween season. This weekend, and next, join the Zipline team and others in that outfit’s annual pumpkin drop. The idea is to zipline with a pumpkin and drop it on, or as close as you can get, to the bullseye on the ground below. Sounds easy right? Well, it’s not. If you have never ziplined before, the experience can be a little intimidating, and the urge to grab the lines that attach you to the cable is strong, so holding a pumpkin feels unnatural at first. You may need to take a couple of runs before attempting the zipline with a pumpkin.

It’s rewarding and great fun, even if you don’t do it with a pumpkin or just come to watch others. Anyone who hits the bullseye or comes the closest will win a T-shirt (although you get one). Lake Geneva Zipline and Adventures offers so much more than zip lining. They also offer high ropes, climbing towers, group, and team building, hiking, biking, outdoor education, and great family and friend fun. The team is located at N3232, HWY H, Lake Geneva.  Contact information is: 262-248-9271, and you can check them out on Facebook too.

Pumpkin Dropping


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