Little Gems

Cooking with gas, or at least digging for it.
A family owning property on Water Street was at work digging up a water line that had sprung a leak, when one of the people digging hit a gas line. The family had not thought to call the utilities in order to have them come out and mark where their lines are located (which they will all do for free at any time). City of Lake Geneva Fire Department, police and even Town of Linn Fire Department responded. The hiss of escaping gas could be heard from the street, so this was no small issue. No ignition occurred, and the matter was handled efficiently and quickly by the gas company and other responding departments. If you are going to dig in your yard, doing anything other than working with a small trowel to plant bulbs, then make sure to call the utility people first.


Neil Waswo is the superintendent of the Lake Geneva Street Department.
He wants a generator. What for is not being discussed. The only discussion at the city council meeting was about how much. Waswo asked for six thousand dollars (what the heck, at Home Depot the big ones are only two thousand dollars!) plus two hundred for a license. He got the six grand for his generator. Someday it will no doubt be revealed what the thing is for. The two hundred was denied because the council said that Waswo “didn’t need no stinking license.”

Place of the Week

Dan Patch Stables Lake Geneva

Dan Patch Stables is a safe and fun opportunity to experience the seasons on the back of a horse. Make your reservations and ride through the hilly and heavily wooded trails and enjoy the beautiful autumn colors in and around the Grand Geneva Resort. Pull into the entrance to the resort and make some reservations.


Dan Larsen Landscaping.
This fine little landscaping firm wins all sorts of no bid Lake Geneva contracts. The latest one is to put in some trees. They are getting a “fall tree planting” award. Not a trophy, but a check. They will be paid $9,242.00 to plant trees somewhere. Nobody knew where. The vote was unanimous. Look for some new trees, planted somewhere, this fall. Dan Larsen Landscaping, from Germantown, was successfully award tree planting bids in 2015 and 2016 for the City of Lake Geneva


Black Point Estate Winter Book Club at Geneva Java.
Geneva Java Coffee Shop is located at 252 Center Street in downtown Lake Geneva. At 10:00 a.m., on the second Monday of every month, there’s a book club meeting there. Some really neat people attend this meeting, and the discussions can get pretty heated about some of the works that they read and talk about. Their next selection is: The Witch of Lime Street: Séance, Seduction, and Houdini in the Spirit. That title ought to get anyone going! Stop by and join in, even if you haven’t read the book.

Persons of the Week

Dirt Consultants

Paula Holmes and Eddie Gonzalez. This couple comes to your house or business. Wherever they land it’s like “Pigpen” from the Peanuts comic strip is banished forever, or at least until they return. Hire this couple. You will not be sorry. Online they are at:

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