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Where are the Speed Limit Signs?
What is the current speed limit on Hwy 50 between Curtis Street and Edwards Blvd? Who took the speed limit signs down? The speed limit in that section was 45 mph, but without a posted speed limit sign there are contradictory laws that govern the speed limit along that stretch of the highway (25 mph & 45 mph).   Highway 50 is maintained by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, so there is doubt about whether local officials, or the state, were the ones that removed the signs without replacing them. So who did remove the speed limit signs, and under whose authority were they removed? Between Highway 120 and the western edge of town, Highway 50 is owned by the City of Lake Geneva. Therefore, the city of Lake Geneva should at least have the authority to ask what happened to the speed signs, and how are Lake Geneva officers supposed to enforce an area of road where there are no speed limits posted?


RV’s are Us or No RV’s?
At 7:15 am on Sunday Sept. 30, there was an RV (converted from a small bus) with a Florida license plate illegally parked in the no parking zone in front of the Riviera. There was a long orange extension cord with one end plugged near the back of the RV and running the length of the vehicle to a generator mounted to the front of the RV. The RV appeared to have been there for some time (most likely overnight) because the generator was no longer running and the orange extension cord had been disconnected at the generator end, but was still lying on the ground along the side of the RV, and plugged into a cord hanging out the side near the back of the RV. Apparently the generator was used to run an air conditioner hanging out of the back exit door. Later that morning a Mobil gas truck arrived to fill the underground gasoline tank by the Riviera. The truck driver discovered that the RV was blocking his access point to deliver gas. Eventually the driver of the Mobil truck was able to get the driver of the RV to come out of the RV, and slowly pick up the orange cord and move his vehicle out of the way. However, demonstrating a true disregard for the law, in leaving the no parking zone in front of the Riviera, the driver of the RV made an illegal left turn on to Broad Street. One can wonder how long the vehicle had been illegally parked, and how it went unnoticed. Perhaps the military might be interested in the stealth technology techniques that enabled an RV to illegally park in a prominent location, and not be seen. Maybe it looked like it was supposed to be there?

RV Illegally parked Lake Geneva

The motorhome that just stayed on, plugged into itself, no less. Nobody knows who was in the thing or where it was from or going. Interesting times in Lake Geneva parking.

Cartoon of the Week

by Terry O’Neill

Cartoon by Terry O'Neill Lake Geneva




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