Little Gems


The parking “rumor of war.”
Out of the bowels beneath the underbelly of Lake Geneva’s city hall comes a parking rumor of the strangest sort. There is no question that the city is in hot pursuit of raising money to replace what was lost when the last TIF was closed, and no new one permitted. Graduated parking fees may be part of the answer.

Think about this:

Five bucks ($5.00) an hour to park on Wrigley or close to the Riviera Pier or Lake Geneva Beach.
Four bucks (
$4.00) an hour up and down Main Street and the blocks perpendicular at Baker, Broad and Center Streets.
Three bucks (
$3.00) for the next blocks out. Finally,
Two bucks (
$2.00) for parking as far from city center as possible.

Parking fines would go up commensurate with the increased fees. The result, if this rumor is true, would send parking revenues through the roof, probably tripling parking income during the high density summer season.


Premier resort tax or is it a new sales tax?
Don’t ever let anyone tell you that the Premier Resort Area Tax is a tourist sales tax!
It is a year round sales tax on almost every store, shop or business that sells a product in the area. The awful following list of stores, shop and businesses subject to the RAT is from the Wisconsin Department of Revenue:

  • Miscellaneous General Merchandise Stores;
  • Candy, Nut, popcorn and Confectionary Stores;
  • Dairy Products Stores;
  • Retail Bakeries;
  • Gasoline Service Stations;
  • Eating Places;
  • Drinking Places;
  • Drug Stores in Proprietary Stores;
  • Liquor Stores;
  • Sporting Goods Stores and Bicycle Shops;
  • Camera and Photographic Supply Stores;
  • Gift, Novelty and Souvenir Shops;
  • Hotels and Motels;
  • Sporting and Recreational Camps;
  • Recreational Vehicle Parks and Campsites; Racing, including Track Operation;
  • Public Golf Courses;
  • Coin-operated Amusement Devices;
  • Amusement Parks;
  • Amusement and recreational Services, not Elsewhere Classified;
  • Department Stores;
  • Miscellaneous Food Stores;
  • Men’s and Boy’s Clothing and Accessory Stores;
  • Women’s Clothing Stores;
  • Children’s and Infants’ Wear Stores; Family Clothing Stores;
  • Shoe Stores;
  • Miscellaneous Apparel and Accessory Stores;
  • Bookstores;
  • Stationary Stores;
  • Jewelry Stores;
  • Hobby, Toy, and Game Shops;
  • Luggage and Leather Goods Stores;
  • Sewing Needlework, and Piece Goods Stores;
  • Florists;
  • Tobacco Stores and Stands; Miscellaneous Retail Stores;
  • Theatrical Producers (except Motion Pictures) and Miscellaneous Theatrical Services;
  • Bands, Orchestras, Actors, and other Entertainers and Entertainment Groups;
  • Physical Fitness Facilities;
  • Membership Sports and Recreation Clubs.

NOTE: Escort Services, Tattooing, Massaging Parlors and Sales of vacation homes are not on the list.


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