Little Gems

The “Ambassador” of the Abbey retires. Beverlee Conrad, the wonderful “ambassador” for the Abbey retired. She celebrated her 95th birthday, and decided she wanted to do something else with the rest of her life. She loved the Abbey. She was there when it was built and her husband had something to do with that construction. He passed on a few years back. Beverlee started working at the place back in 1963, and progressed from waitress, to concierge to manager. She was beloved by so many people that she became the Abbey’s first ambassador. Despite her rise in status there was never a time when Beverlee could not take a few minutes to direct visitors, and certainly never an incident where she failed to assist a guest who was lost or in trouble. She will be dearly missed. She’s in that very rare class of human beings who are naturally caring, like Mikey from the Post Office, who retired there earlier in the year. Special. Thank you Beverlee, from all of us who have been fortunate enough to have encountered you.


X-file Investigations almost opens its new office. Without fanfare this small office was moving in above the Geneva Java Coffee Shop at 252 Center Street as this issue went to press. The only person present, when GSR reporters called, (they showed up there because the GSR terms its reporters X-Files investigators and there may be some infringement using that title) was smoking a cigar and wearing a Groucho Marx disguise.   That person said that the new agency would specialize in free investigations involving lost children, pets and drunken lawyers, but would detail nothing more, probably because the Groucho disguise kept slipping down his or her nose. It was impossible to tell whether it was a him or a her, although the name tag said “Caitlyn.” GSR reporters called the number painted on the door of the place and it kept ringing at the GSR home office. How did they do that?

Painting the X-Files Door


Construction is to start on Highway 50. Work should begin later this month prior to the work finishing up on Highway 12 near Elkhorn. That work involved a new overpass and considerable highway repair. It is expected that the work on Highway 50 will begin in late September or early October and continue on into the early part of next summer. Highway 50 will not close completely for this construction. One lane each way will still be open, but any traffic at all will cause that single lane, flanked by heavy construction equipment usage, to jam up very easily. Plan your driving this fall and winter to use alternate routes.


That terrific Alzheimer’s Walk is back.
Saturday, Sept. 17, at Library Park in Lake Geneva for the Alzheimer’s Association Walk to End Alzheimer’s, registration begins at 8:30 a.m., with the walk starting at ten. Nancy Russell, Walworth County Board chairwoman, is the chairperson for the walk. This is the tenth year and every one has been a financial success. The walk is co-chaired by Andy Kerwin, Geneva Crossings and Sonja Akright. Complimentary hot dogs, grilled by the Lake Geneva Jaycees and donated by Piggly Wiggly, will be served with entertainment by Petty Thieves. There will be team photos and the Purple Clubhouse. Look for family activities, temporary tattoos and other kids stuff to be available. The opening ceremony will include a special Promise Garden tribute to all those whose lives have been touched by Alzheimer’s.


Is Homecoming a dying event?
So, what happened to Homecoming at Williams Bay High School? It would seem that the Williams Bay High School Football Team died for lack of interest. Not enough students would come out to organize a full team. Yes, in Wisconsin, no less. Williams Bay has allied with Delavan and Darien to try to build a joint team, but the results are still out on that effort. What about homecoming? Try having homecoming after a girls’ volley ball match. Does the phrase “how’s that working out for you?’ come to mind? How can you have a homecoming at all without a football game? How about a bratwurst without the brat? A bun, some onions, mustard, ketchup and there you go….


Lake Geneva Police Gems

Lake Geneva Police Department courtesy

This driver was saved a traffic ticket by a kindly and generous Lake Geneva police officer. He informed the driver that you cannot back into the parallel slots in Lake Geneva. The problem is when you leave, if you do so. You have to pull right into the coming traffic. Nice cop. Nice town.

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