If you live in Lake Geneva and travel in town, then you have probably seen George. He’s easy to spot, as he travels through town on his manual wheel chair and with his one leg. With a friendly positive view of life he represents and brings out what is good in America. As he approaches a steep hill, he views it as a challenge to be overcome and not an obstacle blocking his path or to be avoided. This drive and positive attitude enabled him to change his life and be the person he is today. Life is a learning experience and what we learn from it, reflects on us and becomes us. You may have read about Mr. Walther in the newspaper, because a couple of years ago while in his wheelchair using a crosswalk on Broad Street during mid-day in downtown Lake Geneva he was hit by a car. Although George was seriously injured the dense fog at the time prevented the use of Flight for Life. Commenting after his recovery, George had this to say: “Being the second time I’d been hit by a car, it kind of takes the fun out of it.” He further went on to explain that the most difficult part of the accident was when he got out of the hospital and he could no longer just press a button and get help. “You have to do everything yourself and you can’t just take a pain pill because it hurts too much just to raise an arm.” George’s attitude of not feeling sorry for himself, plays out successfully because no matter how bad you have it, someone else has it worse. More wisdom from George. His attitude of wanting to be independent and not wanting to be dependent on others is a driving force within him. If you see him working hard to make it up a hill and you stop to offer help (as many people have) he will refuse that help, but he appreciates the offer and if his wheelchair ever breaks down he just might accept it. George Walther, a man sitting tall and rolling along successfully through life no matter what its difficulties.


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Ricardo cooling off

His name is Ricardo and he was tired of the heat, his parents, Lake Geneva and the rest of his long day of shopping. He could go no farther. Sometimes the beneficial nature of some of Lake Geneva’s cool rock pavers is overlooked, but not by Ricardo last Sunday.


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