Know the laws and then work to find out how they are applied.  American citizens live with over forty-seven thousand enforceable rules, laws, crimes, ordinances and infractions that can range from a death sentence to a small fine for punishment.  Here are some helpful hints to speed you along in your normal course of daily living:

  • If you drink at all don’t have a few and pull into a drive up window. Places like MacDonald’s and Burger King, and most of the rest, call the police to check you out if they smell an odor of alcohol on your breath.  This is sad but oh so true.
  • Change your license plate by getting a corporation started ($49.00) at online) and sell your car to it for a pittance. Henceforth, bored cops or license plate scanners will only get the corporate stuff and not your stuff as registered owner before stopping you, or evaluating whether you should get a ticket or not based on your record.
  • Reflect when driving that there are 520 square miles of Walworth County (bigger than Racine and Kenosha combined). In 380 square miles of that county only six sheriff’s patrol cars are out at night.  But there are fifteen more in the small towns within the county.  Wisconsin State Police do not police the county at night at all.
  • Never allow anyone, including any officer of the court or law, to search your car or enter your home without a warrant.   You really don’t know what’s in your car or home.  If you think you do then answer this question truthfully: “when’s the last time you pulled the back seat out to see if anything has fallen or been stuffed down into the cracks?”
  • Law enforcement is very much a serious game today in America. If you play by the much-hyped rules of truth and fair play then you will automatically lose the game and pay a penalty.
    If you lie to the police it’s a crime.
    If the police lie to you it’s too bad.
    Have respect for the police, as they do a rather difficult job for all of us, but don’t be a patsy for anybody.

More Living it Up:

Karen at Egg Harbor Cafe in lake Geneva WI
Karen doing what Karen does best (taking care to make sure customers have a great time and get great service) at Egg Harbor, the nifty breakfast and lunch restaurant located on Main Street in downtown Lake Geneva.

Handicap Parking Meter disparity Lake Geneva

Only in Lake Geneva, where the parking system remains about as arcane as a Rubic’s cube, would Handicapped Parking signs read that handicapped parking is not enforced 14 hours out of every twenty-four hour period.
Handicapped parking violations are 24/7.  State law, not local.

DNR meeting Town of Linn  April 13 2105

The meeting hall at Town of Linn, April 13, 2105.  BigFoot was the subject to be discussed and discuss they did.  Every hand except possibly one or two skyrocket when the crowd was asked whether they are for or against the project as proposed by DNR “artist in residence” Dan Schuller.  They didn’t like this interloping by an agency little loved in the first place.  BigFoot Park belongs to them and they spoke with their hands!


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